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Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Face Off: Icky Edibles

Times are tough in an apocalypse.  Sometimes you have to eat your fallen comrades -- or eat your enemies before they eat you.  But the question remains: which is more palatable?

So what say you?  Canned Unicorn Meat (with Sprinkles!) or Zombie-Body Jerky (it's blue!)
Personally, I say the two together would make a lovely hash, served with some fried eggs...

[Unicorn meat from ThinkGeek (April Fools joke), Zombie Jerky from Pink Tentacle <-- and it's real!  You can buy this sh*t!  And send it to me!]


  1. Mary D

    That is HYSTERICAL!!! Love the *sprinkles* on the Unicorn meat hahaha

  2. Trust the Japanese to come up with something like 'Zombie Meat'...(though even with my Zombie loving ways I might find it hard to eat blue meat...)


  3. Unicorn meat? Who would do such a thing?!

    Strange that zombie jerky is blue - I wonder if it's chewy and sweet...

  4. I had one too many My Little Ponies as a child. I could never eat unicorn! Zombie jerky, now that's all about evening up the food chain. You eat me, I eat you.

  5. You take what you can get during an apocalypse but if I had plenty of both the zombie jerky would be good while on the run. On the occasions when I could settle for a while and build a fire I bet the unicorn meat would be a treat sliced and sauteed.

    Haha. I know. I actually thought about it for a while.

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