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Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Face Off (16): Book Battle

Alright, folks, no Barnabus and Fred picture this time (or at least, not yet; I may add it when I have the energy to, but now is not that time) -- but I do have a special slant today.  My leg of the YA Debut Book Battle is coming to an end soon, so before I give you my reviews of The Iron King and Before I Fall tomorrow, I thought I'd see what you think of them.
Here we have it.  I want your opinions in any form: if you've read the books, which do you like better?  If you haven't, which do you want to read, if either?  And if you're so inclined, which pretty pretty cover do you like best?


Last week, some books did some things, but again with the energy levels. Blahblahblah, I will come back at a later date and be less lazy, but for now, just tell me your thoughts on those^, pls&thx.


  1. I haven't read both of them and both of them are on my wishlist to buy! But the cover that I like the best is.....Iron King! Way better!

  2. I've read The Iron King and LOVED IT! Love the cover too. Before I Fall is on my TBR list though...and so many people are saying such great things about it...can't wait to see what you thought!

  3. I'm not really interested in Before I Fall. Not sure why. I should be getting The Iron King soon though! I love that cover!

  4. I love the haunting feel of Before I Fall; it acts like a preview of what's to come, though you're not sure exactly what the outcome will be. The dead staring eyes and the way that the girl is just laying on the ground... it's just so pretty.
    But then there's the Iron King whose cover displays the fairy-ness of the book with the curlicues and the font which seems to grow into vines before your eyes. It has such an otherworldness about it that you can't help but want to read; which I haven't yet but it's on my TBR pile on my bookshelf.

  5. I haven't read either book, although The Iron King is sitting on my bookshelf. When it comes to covers, however, I like The Iron King better.

  6. I've only read "The Iron King" and while one of the few that didn't absolutely love it(just a mild like), I intend to read the next book in the series.
    I have "Before I Fall" on my wishlist and am really looking forward to it.


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