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Monday, May 3, 2010

Jane in June update (+ a little note)

Cyber-friends, it's May!
You may have noticed that you've been hearing from me less for the past couple of weeks, and that though I've done my Teaser Tuesdays for a number of books, the reviews are conspicuously missing.  Allow me to explain.
I have had a bit of trouble writing reviews or posts in general, for a number of reasons:
  1. My work schedule has been hectic, and will be more so in May, which is going to have a bit of an impact on the blogness
  2. I've been feeling a bit off and tired, but it seems to be passing, so yay for that.
  3. I have less time to read at the moment, and a lot to read, so I've been making the reading priority over the blogging about the reading
  4. But mostly, it's spring.  There comes a point, usually in May (little early this year, it was unseasonably warm) where I don't want to do a damn thing that can in any way be construed as work.  This is commonly known as Spring Fever, and my friends, I get it bad.  
So I promise I will catch up on the reviews for Changeless, How I Live Now,  and Sorcery and Cecelia (all of which I've teased you with) as well as Before I Fall, The Iron King, and Eyes Like Stars (all of which you will be teased with soon).  Promise.

But for now, let's pretend I haven't been a bad blogger, and let me update you on the darling project of my heart, Jane in June.  I thought I would have one more open call for participants who would like to be featured, as well as update you on some of the fabulous goings-on.
So real quick:

Jane in June is going to be a month-long Austen event.  It's not a challenge; if you want to come out an play, come out and play.  You can do what you want: read a Jane book or a Jane-inspired book (prequel, sequel, knock-off, parody, etc); you can watch a Jane adaptation or spin-off; you can make a Jane related craftygoodthing -- skies the limit.  I welcome all Janeites, hardcore oldies and virgins alike, and you're welcome to post your reviews on your blog at any time and link them during Jane in June.
But if you want to be featured here on Book Rat for Jane in June, you need to fill out this form and you need to have your feature (post, review, Dear Jane letter) to me by May 31st.*  I am especially looking for people willing to write Dear Jane letters (pretty self-explanatory, that...), so if you're interested, fill out the form or just email me the letter @ mbradenwf@gmail.com.

Now on to the fun stuff -- what's in it for you?
Wellllll -- let's have a looksie at the JnJ prizes, shall we?
  • over 20 books will be given away!
  • beautiful hand painted and original Jane artwork from Antique Fashionista Masha (seriously, go check out her shop, it's lovely.  In fact, tell me what you like most, and maybe that's what we'll have in the giveaway...)
  • a whole host of giveaways from participating bloggers
  • and of course, whatever I come up with for my giveaway...At this point, I'm thinking I'll have one open to everyone, but a special one open just to participants...
  • oh, and you know the cards and jewelry I made for Alias Alice?  Well, if you liked it...I'm just saying.
 So you want in, right?  Then you definitely want to make sure that you stop back by often during the month of June, check out everyone's great posts, send love to all of the lovely, generous authors, and enterenterenter the giveaways!
And remember, if you want to share your Jane-love with the world, fill out this form and join the Jane in June party now!

*There's a little wiggle room on the May 31st date, but because I want to get all of the posts into some semblance of an order, I would like them before Jane in June begins.  If you really want to be involved but know you can't have it done within the month, email me and we'll figure something out.


  1. great line-up! fyi: date correction for my mansfield park event --> June 24-27

  2. Give me a little time to think. I have some ideas. Mostly I need to screw up my courage. The whole being-featured-on-someone-else's-blog thing gets my stomach in knots. That introverted thing? I mean it.

    I am definitely looking forward to seeing what everyone does though!

    Since you asked, I like the Bad Girls of Jane Austen Bookmark Trio on Antique Fashionista. I like the bold colors she used.

  3. Awwww, pitty! I would have loved to do this! I just finished reading through all the Jane Austen books (re-reading some), and I would have LOVED to do a dear Jane letter! I cliked the form link, but it says it's expired. I'll shoot you an email and let you know :-)


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