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Sunday, May 2, 2010

IMM: April

Here's my IMM, folks.   As always, it's for the full month of April. Got another appearance by Mama Warbucks, and this time she is joined by Shirley; Laverne is still off skulking in a corner somewhere; she's a little camera-shy...
(ps, the music is a Lily Allen cover of The Kaiser Chiefs "Oh My God." L-O-V-E it.   You may want to turn your speakers down, though, as I was rather close to mine, and I like my music loud.)

This month, I bought:
Astrid and Veronika
Under the Dome
Silver Borne
The Postmistress
A Northern Light
Princess Ben
The Bermudez Triangle
Never Let Me Go
Dust of 100 Dogs
The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau Banks
The Beguilers (not in the video, as I seem to have *already* misplaced it...)

Still on its way to me:
The Girl Who Chased the Moon
The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet
Monsters of Men
The Iron King

I received for review:
The Iron Daughter

and I won from the ever-fab Velvet:
Alice in Verse (read me),
Somersaults (eat me) 
and Starbucks coffee (drink me)
as part of her Alice in Whatsitland.  Awesome, right?
Thanks, V!


  1. Ooo! Very nice!

    Happy reading!

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  2. Great books to read!!! Hope you enjoy them all!!!
    And I'm stopping by to let you know that you have an award on my blog. HAPPY readings and blogging. I love visiting your blog ; )

  3. I am SO curious about Dust of 100 Dogs and Under the Dome. Looking forward to your thoughts. (And so agree with you about Beautiful Creatures. So many squees, so few eloquent thoughts.)

  4. The Disrepuatable History is such a great book. E. Lockhart is really something.
    The Bermudez Triangle is in my (massive) ToRead pile. :]

  5. holey mack! i feared for the rats! it's raining books!

    great stash! hey we can read astrid and veronika together ;-D

    ooo, postmistress.

  6. Bought a lot of books! And yes that song by Lily Allen is fab! :)
    The Girl Who Chased the Moon, will be looking out for your review.

  7. You got a great selection of books this month! I hope you enjoy reading them all & I'll look forward to reading your reviews :o)

  8. Note how the bed shook when Under the Dome came down on it! Hehe! And look at Mama Warbucks and Shirley inspecting the goods, without even flinching. Some of those books are sitting on my own shelf, waiting to be read: The Postmistress, Sovay, Princess Ben, Dust of 100 Dogs, Frankie Landau Banks... ::sigh:: But I did read A Northern Light and found it quite enjoyable. And she's got a new one coming out this year too!

  9. Wow. I'm a little creeped out now. See, I was listening to music on playlist.com while going through my Google Reader. And guess what song JUST ended as I was reading through your post? Lily Allen's cover of "Oh My God." Weird, right? :)

    It's a great song by the way!

  10. You haven't read A Northern Light?!? It must go to the top of your tbr pile immediately. And, yeah, I've either read and loved or want to read and love at least half of these. I wish I would remember to go ahead and order The Iron King sometime. Man. And I just ordered some stuff too. Oh well. I still have a $5 Amazon gift card to use on it. Enjoy those books!

  11. Looks like April was good to you!
    Alayne - The Crowded Leaf


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