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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wild Things YA Challenge Update

Well, folks, I figured since it's almost time for Jane in June, I'm probably not going to make much more progress on the Wild Things Challenge I am running/participating in on Goodreads.

But I have made some changes to my list, and worked through more than I was anticipating, so I thought I'd do a little update.

The list:

(crossed off are completed!)

OFFICIAL SECTION, with a twist (broadening, out of the box, better readers mash-up) (1):
1.5: Read a selection from our group Top Ya Novels [book:A Northern Light|64481] by Jennifer Donnelly
1.10: Read a book that someone in the group (or on Goodreads) has been "pushing" you to read, [book:The Iron King|6644117] by Julie Kagawa (pushed by many GR and blogger friends)
1.15: Read a book from any thread in a folder that you never go into: [book:Parable of the Sower|52397] by Octavia Butler (on the DCPL Teen Faith and Spirituality list)
1.20: Read a 4- or 5-star book from a WT member you've never conversed with, and then discuss it with them: [book:Princess Ben|2153427] by Catherine Gilbert Murdoch  (on JOSIE's shelves)
1.25: Read 2 books from a series (or 2 books from 1 author) from a different culture, or in a genre you don't read: 1.25 [book:Zan-Gah: A Prehistoric Adventure|6044486] & [book:Zan-Gah and the Beautiful Country|7647725] (series by author I don't know + in genre I don't read)
Buddy Bonus +5: Buddy gets to pick 1 book for you to read that fits any of the above.  This is in addition to what you read for each task. still tbd

2.5: Read any book that is NOT in your native language (ie translated into your language), or that was originally published in another country:  (debating [book:Brave Story|123557] or[book:Eidi: The Children of Crow Cove|6800743], though I likely won't get to this task.
2.10: Spin the globe (or point on an atlas) and read any ya book written by someone from that geographic area, or set in that area:  [book:Across the Nightingale Floor|77160] by Lian Hearn (set in JAPAN)
2.15: Read 2 award winners from 2 different countries other than your own: [book:The Beguilers|1001894] (IRELAND'S BISTO AWARD) + [book:A Little Wanting Song|7124053] (AUSTRALIA'S CBC AWARD)
2.20: Read 2 books, 1 fiction and 1 non-fiction, about a real event: [book:Fever 1793|781110] by Laurie Halse Anderson + [book:An American Plague: The True and Terrifying Story of the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793|46727] by Jim Murphy
2.25: Read 2 books from 2 cultures/countries that revolve around the same topic or theme (or similar): [book:How I Live Now|161426] by Meg Rosoff (set in ENGLAND) + [book:The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm|633270] BY Nancy Farmer (set in ZIMBABWEI) [I chose world dystopias as my theme)
Buddy Bonus +5: You and buddy choose together 1 fairy tale (preferably from another country to read, and 1 retelling based on that fairy tale: [book:Wildwood Dancing|13929] by Juliet Marillier + the tale of The 12 Dancing Princesses

3.5: Look on GR for "Best of" lists in a genre you don't read, and read something from one of the lists that interests you OR read a book for the monthly pick (April, May or June) for Linda Grace’s Ongoing Challenge:Linda Grace challenge pick: June [book:Summerland|16705] by Michael Chabon
3.10:  Read a book and listen to the audiobook version OR watch a movie adaptation: [book:Thirteen Reasons Why|1217100] by Jay Asher (book and audio) <-- will likely listen on the way to ALA
3.15: Genre Roulette or Misty Pick!   genre #17: LGBT - [book:The Bermudez Triangle|270363]
3.20: Read any two books from our most neglected folders, LGBT, Multicultural, Non-fiction, or Religion and contribute to discussion:[book:The Last Exit to Normal|2114838] by Michael Harmon (LGBT) + [book:All Over But the Shoutin'|470495] by Rick Bragg (NONFICTION)
3.25: Read three books in 3 different non-traditional forms: drama (does not have to be 100 pages), poetry, short story anthology, epistolary/diary, audiobook: 3.25 [book:I Heart You, You Haunt Me|1832749] by Lisa Schroeder (POETRY) + [book:Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic|38990] by Alison Bechdel (MEMOIR/GRAPHIC NOVEL/LGBT) + [book:Sorcery and Cecelia or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot|64207] (EPISTOLARY)
Buddy Bonus +5: Buddy looks through your GR shelves and picks 1 book in a genre or style that seems neglected.: [book:Gather Together in My Name|130200] by Maya Angelou

4.5: Read any book and write a detailed review that examines what you read, what you thought and felt, and whether you would recommend it: [book:Magic Under Glass|6461779] by Jaclyn Dolamore
4.10: Read a ya book and discuss it with or recommend it to a young adult in your life.  OR have a young adult in your life recommend a book to you and discuss with them why they like it:[book:Demons of the Ocean|723801] (Vampirates - series recommended to me quite enthusiastically by friend's son)
4.15: Ask a YA librarian to recommend their "little known gems" in a variety of genres, read 1, discuss it with the librarian if possible: [book:If I Stay|4374400] by Gayle Foreman
4.20: Read YA any book (preferably dealing with a controversial issue, or a topic that is out of your comfort zone or usual genre), and create and post discussion questions for it: [book:Before I Fall|6482837] by Lauren Oliver
4.25: Read any YA book and do 2 of the following:
 -- written response to the book
 -- drawing or other art form inspired by the book
 -- character interview
 -- poem
 -- make a photo collage or slideshow that represents the book to you
 -- make a book trailer
 -- make a music playlist inspired by the book
 -- Or pitch your own idea!
[book:Eyes Like Stars|3817859] by Lisa Mantchev
-- still need to do tasks
Buddy Bonus: Buddy Bonus +5: Read your buddy's book from 4.20 and answer the questions.  book:Foxfire|156222] by Joyce Carol Oates (Lydia's task 4.20 pick.)

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