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Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Face Off: the case of the gasping girl...

There's a little voting thing going on right now at Teen Fire, and when I went to cast my vote, I noticed a little something. Teen Fire is asking people to vote for their favorite of 4 covers for the upcoming book Magic Most Foul.  At first, I was drawn to the first cover, though for some reason, it seemed really familiar to me.  Then I had it -- that's because it was -- I own a book that uses the same stock photo, though to much different effect.  Check it out:

So who did it better?

Also, if you're interested, here are all of the covers up for voting in the Magic Most Foul cover contest.  I personally chose number 3.

Last week on FFO: You guys gave excellent feedback on the various, slightly-altered covers of Nightshade.  Really, well done.  You showed exactly why we have these discussions, and why cover design is important and exacting, right down to the particulars. The common US cover that we're all familiar with did win, but many of you praised the font on the middle purplier cover, and I have to agree with you.
But apparently, the designers got it right.  For an American audience, at least. :)


  1. I also own the first one! So for me, it fits right in with that novel and seeing it so different on another cover...just doesn't work for me. For Magic Most Foul..I like the right top or right bottom. Those are both intriguing.

  2. going with phantom cover. i like the dark tones.

  3. The first one, the stock photo suits the spooky book cover more, her pose and expression fit so well. In the second one, the girl looks really Photoshopped on and out of place, even though the colors are quite pretty. :)

  4. The first cover. I agree with Anna that the girl on the second cover just looks photoshopped. And I do not love the place of the title. :)

  5. Definitely the first one. The dark background and the font of the title make for a stunning cover.

    The green one kind of hurts your eyes.

  6. +JMJ+

    I'm going with The Phantom of Pemberley. It has a classic painting feel (reminds me of Vermeer, actually) and does more with light and shadows than the second cover can manage with a brighter light effect.


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