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Friday, January 28, 2011

Beat the Freeze: Denial

... is not just a river in Egypt...

Beat the Freeze, Tip 1: Denial.

I crave ice cream in the winter.  I think it's sanity self-preservation instincts: if I just pretend it's not below zero outside, then maybe I won't freeze and crack like a piece of ice, or shrink and shrivel in the lack of sun, and blow away on the next chill gust of wind...
Wishful thinking, I know.

But that's the beauty of denial.  So tip 1 is to ignore the moaning wind and the drifts outside your door, and pretend you're somewhere else.  Grab a beach read, eat some ice cream, crank up the heat and walk around in your skimpiest tank-tops -- pull the old anywhere but here act.

Vicki likes to get her heart pumping with some thrillers; she likes "Books that keep me on edge. There's nothing that'll keep your heart pumping like not knowing what'll happen next. [Or I p]op in a fun movie that I haven't seen in years. Something sentimental, perhaps."

Along the same lines, Liz goes for "just about anything, really, but I  think cute chick lit reads can be great."

See?  Beach reads to beat the freeze.  Works like a charm...

I suggest:
Going Girly; 
  • cute PJs
  • 1 pint favorite ice cream
  • various other snack foods you'll pretend not to have eaten
  • At least 1 of the following: mud mask, deep conditioning hair treatment, exfoliating lotion, hand-soak and/or manicure set
  • 1 Fluff read (see suggestions at bottom)
  • 1 Sappy Romantic movie, preferably a period piece; Try: North & South, The Notebook,  or the trusty standby, P&P (and version will do)
AustenlandParanormalcy (Paranormalcy, #1)A Little Wanting SongJinxSuite Scarlett (Scarlett, #1)Anna and the French Kiss

What do you do to beat the freeze?
What are your favorite (denial) beach reads?


  1. Totally think Anna & the French Kiss would be great as a 'beat the freeze' read, and same for period dramas! Love North & South and P&P :D

  2. Aaadore this post! And that is so weird! I crave icecream in the winter too! I thought I was just a freak. lol


  3. Book: Dance Upon the Air by Nora Roberts. Total fluff, but I love it.

    Movie: Chocolat. Johnny Depp has never looked hotter.

    Food: Del Taco with tons of Inferno sauce

    Accessories: animal print snuggie, big pile of pillows, and lots of candles.

  4. (OK, I realize those things don't really count as winter denial, but I live in Southern California. All I need is a lil "ooh, it's kinda chilly denial" lol)

  5. Hey, there's room for all in denial-land...


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