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Friday, January 28, 2011

Winter Wonderland guest post from Kjovus

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~*~*~ Kjovus ~*~*~

Did you know that January 17th is the most depressing day of the year? Mostly because two weeks into the New Year people have said to heck with their new years resolutions and feel the despair of reality set in.

Me, I just find the frigid temps and lack of sunshine stifling. Despite my opinion about winter there are some things I love about it. My favorite winter activity is to read. Curling up with a book and hot coco while giant fluffy flakes of heaven sent whiteness create a magical world of pristine beauty is the best way to escape from the winter blues. I always find myself in a winter wonderland of imagination when I read a book.

One of my favorite winter reads is Harry Potter. I don’t know why it is, other than there is always a winter scene at Hogwarts Castle and frankly, I could enjoy winter if there is magic involved.

Truthfully I think there is something magical about snow falling. The kid in all of us inevitably finds themselves standing with their cheeks skyward and their tongue outstretched to catch a snowflake. The desire to make a snow angel when no one is looking brings a smile to my face every year. As does that first snowball I launch at an unsuspecting (and good natured) neighbor.

This year I made a snowman for the first time in 15 years. My hands were freezing, my feet wet and my coat soaked through with melted snow. As I watched my kids enjoy their first journey with Frosty the Snowman – I wondered how it is that in spite of how wet and cold you are as a kid, it doesn’t matter. There is an excitement to be had and going inside is just an inconvenience. Returning to the warmth and security of the wood burning stove are memories that are laced with just as much reminiscence as the snow fort building days. One day they too will look back with fond memories of fresh socks, warm blankets and a good book.

This year I have found myself picking up a book more than any year past. There is always an adventure to be had right in the sanctuary of my own cozy home. I can be a pirate, a swordsman, a wizard, shape shifter, werewolf or vampire. Regardless of the literary voyage I always come home. Even better than that – I can return to the winter wonderland of my choice anytime I want to. Because when I read a book, it is always magical.

Kjovus –my life with books

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