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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

TBR Tuesday: The Marbury Lens

 I have a lot of books I've bought or received in a fury of excitement, only to have them languish on the shelves.  This is one of those books.

The Marbury Lens
by Andrew Smith

Sixteen-year-old Jack gets drunk and is in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is kidnapped. He escapes, narrowly. The only person he tells is his best friend, Conner. When they arrive in London as planned for summer break, a stranger hands Jack a pair of glasses. Through the lenses, he sees another world called Marbury.
There is war in Marbury. It is a desolate and murderous place where Jack is responsible for the survival of two younger boys. Conner is there, too. But he’s trying to kill them.
Meanwhile, Jack is falling in love with an English girl, and afraid he’s losing his mind.
Conner tells Jack it’s going to be okay.
But, it’s not.
Andrew Smith has written his most beautiful and personal novel yet, as he explores the nightmarish outer limits of what trauma can do to our bodies and our minds.

This one has been languishing on my shelves for far too long for my tastes.  I mean, it's steampunk, it's dystopian, and it come highly recommended (and, AND, a lovely, lovely person sent me a signed copy!).  I'm thinking, if Presenting Lenore is doing her Dystopian February again (and as far as I know, she is), I'm going to read this one as part of it.  Brilliant?  Yeah, I thought so too. ;p

So, what do you guys think?  Anyone read this?  What's on your tbr pile?


  1. I, too, am planning to read this for Dystopian February. I've actually got a whole line-up waiting...I'm so very excited!

  2. I have too many books to list on my TBR pile. See this post for the details. I hope you hate The Marbury Lens only because it is not already on the TBR stack but probably will be if I see enough good reviews. Happy reading!

  3. love your image for this meme!
    and, been wanting to read this book for like ever too ;-D

  4. This one has been hanging out on my shelves for a while too and I really want to read it! I'll have to check out this Dystopian February!

  5. I just read and reviewed this one. It is unique and powerful!

  6. I've heard its good but a bit creepy and maybe bloody. Sounds perfect for you! You should totally try it :)

    Here is my super dooper late TT

  7. Juju: Ha! What an...interesting opinion you have of me! :P

    Velvet: That's Shirley, who had managed to climb about 6ft to the top of my closet, because she just had to see the pretty books.


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