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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Beat the Freeze: Fight

Beat the Freeze, Tip 2: Fight!

Some people just refuse to give in to the winter blahs.  They hit the gym and work out like machines, then cuddle up with the steamiest reads they can find.  (I'm not one of them; well...not the gym part, anyway. ;p )

Elie says she just recently bought a gym membership (go, Elie!) and Mrs DeRaps says she makes sure "to go to the gym to keep moving during the winter. I live in a small town, so going to the gym is like meeting up with all sorts of fun people--former students, community members, fellow teachers. It's fun. And it's good to sweat inside when it's -2 outside. "  Liz runs, but "I do it inside after an epic wipe out on the sidewalk..."  Good call.

Kristen likes paranormal/fantasy and historical fiction, though I think Elie nailed it with her preference for paranormal YA and adult urban fantasy.  Nothing like a good hot male lead to heat up those winter nights...

I'm telling ya: sure-fire way to warm up.

I suggest:
Get Steamy:
  • 1 active activity (I know it's redundant) of your choice (hitting the gym, jogging, Wii Fit)
  • Favorite spicy foods
  • a great cocktail or three
  • Your favorite series of super steamy paranormal romance, urban fantasy or bodice-ripping historical fiction.  (see suggestions at bottom)
  • a great smexy movie you've been dying to see

What do you do to beat the freeze?
What are your favorite steamy reads?


  1. Trying to perfect my moves to Smooth Criminal on the Michael Jackson Experience for Wii (this requires no one else being in the house because I'm fairly certain I look like I'm having a seizure when I do this and the fam shouldn't be subjected to such a sight.)

    Margaritas and chips and salsa...don't even need an entree. I am a cheap date =)

    But I have yet to find a steamy book that doesn't make me either laugh or cringe...

    And I wanna see Love and Other Drugs.

  2. I will heed your advice next time I am looking to get "steamy"...I love the part about cocktails and reading Nightshade...Loved that book!

  3. Thanks for using my quote :)

    I didn't realize Soulless really qualified as steamy, but I will keep that in mind for when I'm in the mood for that type of thing ;) And I agree Nightshade is great for that type of thing.


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