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Friday, January 7, 2011

Jane in June Invitation!

Alright, I know this is the one you've all been waiting for.  I get this giddy little thrill when I read on someone's blog that they picked up such-and-such to read for Jane in June.  It's months away, and we're all already gearing up.
I'm hoping this year will be even bigger and more full of awesome than last year was (and that's no easy feat, my Janeites; we had a lot of stuff going on last year).
I've got some lovely new buttons this year too (though I can be persuaded to dig out last years button, if you are attached).

The Deets: 
What: A month-long event comprised of about a bazillion bits of awesome, all Jane Austen related.  Story, book, spin-off and movie reviews, Jane related Friday Face Off posts and other meme posts, giveaways galore, guest posts, interviews, Dear Jane letters -- the list goes on and on!  [See last year]
When: The entire month of June!
Who: Anyone can participate by linking up posts through out the month; you can also be featured on Book Rat by sending a review, guest post or giveaway to me, to be posted during Jane in June and featured on the Dance Card!  If you're interested in being featured during Jane in June, please fill out the form below!  The form is now closed, but I am still accepting participants. If you'd like to participate, please email me!

Jane in June Button #1

Jane in June Button #2


  1. Hi, Misty! I awarded your blog. Here are the links to the two(!) blogs where I posted your "nomination":



    I hope it's alright with you!

  2. O O O I can't wait for Jane in June :) I of course love the first button since I'm a silhouette addict :)

  3. Im a new follower


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