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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bragging Rights: YOUR best posts from December AND 2010

It's that time again, kittens.  You know how this works.  Think back over your month of blog posts and pick a post or three that you really think people should read.  Did you amaze yourself with a review you wrote?  Come up with your own little bit of fiction?  Start a great new meme or host an awesome event?  We wanna know!  Share it here:


Let's shake it up a bit!  It's a new year, and you have one more fabulous year behind you.  So, you're also welcome to post what you think are the highlights from your blog in 2010.  What were your best posts of the year?  Share your best from December AND your best from 2010 below!

There's no real formula for linking, you can do as you please, but I would suggest doing it like this:
Blog Name (post name).
You can link up to 3 of your favorite posts.
Please take the time to visit a few posts from other people that catch your eye, and leave them some comment love!

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