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Sunday, January 30, 2011

CLOSED Winter Wonderland Giveaway: Winter Warm-up Package

Yesterday, I posted a Winter Cover Guessing Game.  Today, for the final giveaway of Winter Wonderland, 1 person will win their choice of book from that game.
The catch?  I haven't revealed the titles yet...

Here's the picture again:

Someone will win one of these books -- the choice of book is theirs.
It's up to you if you play the game or not, you don't have to play to enter.  But you DO have to tell me which book you want.  (You also get some extra goodies to help you beat the winter chill...)

  1. You've either got to be confident that you are choosing a book you know, OR
  2. You've got to just go for it, and pick a cover, 1-10, and get a surprise book!

I know it's kind of silly, but it's also kind of fun, and I like to shake things up.
To enter:
Fill out this form!
Ends TONIGHT @ 8:59 pm, eastern time (winners revealed at 9 -- hurry, hurry!!!)


  1. I had so much fun trying to remember some of this titles!
    I didn't even knew it was a giveaway! You should do it again, even without the giveaway I would still do them.

  2. I'm new to your blog and I thought this idea was awesome, and agree with Vicky, I'd participate even without a giveaway, but the giveaway does make it pretty cool :P.

    You're awesome, kay?


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