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Thursday, August 1, 2019


Austen in August, Jane Austen, JAFF, Jane Austen fan fiction, The Book Rat

Hello, and welcome to a brand new Austen in August — our 10th year!! AIA is a blog event in which a group of Janeites (this includes you!) comes together to discuss, binge on, and gush over all things Austen and Austen-adjacent. This month, you'll find 4 solid weeks worth of reviews, discussions, interviews, giveaways and more — hopefully enough to satisfy the Jane craving inside of you. (But is it ever really satisfied?)

This year, to celebrate 10 years of Austenmania here on TBR, we're TAKING OVER THE WORLD! Or at least a small corner of the internet. And by this I mean: not all of this year's AIA posts will be located here on The Book Rat! There was just too much Austen love to contain. So in the schedule below, many of the posts will link to a page here on Ye Olde Blogge, but some will take you out into the wider world, to other people's blogs and websites and youtube channels. (It's okay, though. No stranger danger, I promise!)
And if you find yourself just so inspired this month and you want to join in and pop up a post on your own blog, contact me with a link and I'll add it into the schedule!

You can find all of that below, with a bit of a sneak peek at what is coming in the first few days; from there, the schedule will be updated daily. Posts will be going up in every morning and most afternoons or evenings every weekday (and by 'day' I mean, what passes for day in the Eastern US timezone, because that is where I live and work and schedule things like this), and each post will include a link at the bottom that links back to this post, and looks like this:

Jane Austen, Austen in August, blog event, Jane Austen fan fiction, JAFF, The Book Rat, BookRatMisty
Click here to return to the master list of Austen in August posts!

And I think that's probably all you need to know! Welcome (or welcome back) to Austen in August; I hope you enjoy your stay!

In this AUSTEN IN AUGUST, you will find:
please note: posts are updated daily, and may be linked up earlier than they go live, in which case, the link will appear to be "broken"  -- check back often for current and updated posts and links!
                          Thursday, August 1st
                          Friday, August 2nd
                          Saturday, August 3rd & Sunday, August 4th
                          Monday, August 5th
                          Tuesday, August 6th
                          Wednesday, August 7th
                          Thursday, August 8th
                          Friday, August 9th
                          Saturday, the 10th & Sunday, the 11th
                          There are no new posts here on The Book Rat this weekend (yay, self care!), but there are still plenty of goodies to dig into, if you're done playing catch up with AIA so far!
                          Monday, the 12th

                          Tuesday, the 13th
                          Wednesday, the 14th

                          Thursday, the 15th
                          Friday, the 16th
                          Saturday, the 17th & Sunday, the 18th
                          Monday, the 19th

                          Tuesday, the 20th

                          Wednesday, the 21st

                          Thursday, the 22nd
                            • Eliza Shearer takes a look at The Dark Side of Jane Austen
                            • Austen Disappointments — a Janeite Conversation
                            • ICYMI:  Last year, I gave away Austenesque & Janeite bookmarks and 5x7 free printables -- would you guys like the have access to these again this year? Let me know in the comments!
                            Friday, the 23rd
                              Saturday, the 24th and Sunday the 25th
                              • Nothing new being posted this weekend, so just relax and have a browse through the Jane Austen posts here on The Book Rat, or the #AustenInAugust hashtag on social media!
                              Monday, August 26th
                              Tuesday, August 27th
                              Wednesday, August 28th
                                Thursday, August 29th
                                  Friday, August 30th
                                    IT'S THE END!! Can you believe it? Today we have:

                                    Want more? See years onetwothreefourfivesixseveneight, and nine!


                                    1. Ten years! Many happy returns! That’s quite a milestone.

                                      Looking forward to the #AustenInAugust

                                    2. Can't believe its been ten years. Woohoo!

                                    3. Glad again to be a part of this event. Congrats!! Ten Years!!

                                    4. When I clicked on the Giveaway link above, it goes to a page does not exist. Oops!

                                      1. I prepare all the links the night before, so I'm not having to come back every few hours to do so, but the posts themselves go live throughout the day, in the order they're listed. So the giveaway will be live tonight!

                                    5. was there austen in august events planned for this year?


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                                    Let's be best friends.


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