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Friday, August 16, 2019

Assignment Austen #3: Finally.

So far this Austen in August, I've given you two homework assignments and a challenge, because I am a harsh task-mistress. And in keeping with that, below you'll find your third assignment (which, hey, fulfills one of the tasks in the challenge!).

This week, I want you to finally sit down and watch one of the Austen adaptations you've been meaning to, but haven't yet. This might be a hard one for some of you, being such devoted Janeites that you've seen everything. Every BBC version? Been there, done that (twice). Clueless and Bollywood and Scents & Sensibility? Yeah, you've been there. But I'll be there's something out there you haven't seen. (May I suggest youtube?)

For the rest of us, I'm sure there's a whole laundry list of adaptations you've been meaning to spend some time with.
Maybe it's the old black and white versions, because you get stuck in the current times (or current versions, because you're stuck in the past).
Maybe it's a different version of a favorite book, because you keep watching the same version of Sense & Sensibility over and over again, because it's so good (and you don't even know, because you haven't watched it, that there's another one that's even better).
Maybe you don't even know what's out there, and you need to spend some time googling and finding the period piece of your dreams. . .

Whatever it is, find an Austen movie you haven't seen yet, track down a copy, and finally watch it this weekend — and then let us know what you think!

As for me, since I've already gone traditional for two weeks, this week I'm going to watch a modern version I haven't watched yet: Scents & Sensibility. Is it going to be awful? Possibly. Am I going to love it anyway? Most definitely.

If you want to watch it with me, I'll be watching & live-tweeting the experience on Saturday night at 8:30pm EST, and you can join me with the hashtag #AustenInAugust on Twitter!
It's available for free viewing if you have Amazon Prime, and though I haven't checked, I feel fairly certain someone has uploaded it to youtube as well, because that's how these things go...
Hope to see you there!

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  1. I wasn't able to finish "Scents and Sensibility". It was just too awful for me. Perhaps I'll give it some time and try again someday. Another one I need to try again: the 1940's P&P, with its inaccurate, late 19th century costuming. I think I might give that one another go this year.

    1. I need to try to track down a copy of that, because I want to see it, Victorian costumes be damned!
      I think I might try the 80s P&P after AIA is over. I don't have time right now, but a lot of people have been talking it up this year!

  2. I love your assignments! I don’t think I’ll have time to track down Scents & Sensibility but I’ll add it to me list.

  3. Are we going to talk about how bad that was? Truly horrible as a movie about sister relationships, a movie about finding love, as a Jane Austen adaptation, basically, it failed as anything designed to entertain human beings.

    P&P 1940 has never looked so good to me.


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