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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

FREE Pride & Prejudice Printables! | #AustenInAugust 2019

I've gotten in the habit of making free printables for my blog events, for two reasons:
  1. I like to make things, and
  2. I hate for people to feel left out. 
There are so many giveaways during Austen in August especially, but there's still not enough to go around (so many Janeites!), and I want everyone to walk away with a list of books to read, and something concrete to remember AIA by. . . 

So this year is no different! I've painted us up a new batch of Austen in August printables, featuring two of my all-time favorite Austen quotes (and my much-beloved floral motifs), and you can download them to print or use digitally, right now, for free
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In the Austen in August folder, you'll find two sets of printables for this year: the first (in both .png and .pdf formats) includes the "obstinate, headstrong girl!" bookmark and a 5x7" version of the "her heart did whisper. . ." frameable print. You'll also find a second set of files (again, png and pdf) that has the "her heart" print in 8x10 size with ample white space, in case you want a larger, sleeker version to hang somewhere in your house.*

My recommendation is to print them on sturdy cardstock (or even watercolor paper!), or, if you print them on regular computer paper, glue the bookmark down to something sturdy, like thin cardboard (a cereal box works well for this!) before using.

Make sure to keep an eye out, because you may just be seeing these again! ;)

And because I've seen a lot of new faces in this year's Austen in August, I've also included pdf files of last year's printables, too!

You can download ALL of them here to print your own copies. Please only use them for personal use, or to gift to friends, and not to try to sell or rework digitally!

*and OMG, if you print and use any of my printables, ever, please snap a pic and send it to me! I love seeing them in the wild!

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  1. Love it. Going to get card stock paper to make bookmarks for myself. Thank you.

  2. Love these! Thanks so much. Your work is so lovely!

  3. Thanks for providing these -- the watercolour work you do is so beautiful! Love the colours in the "her heart did whisper" print, I've put it as my desktop background :D


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