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Friday, August 2, 2019

Assignment Austen #1: Totally 80s

Yesterday, I posted the AIA challenge, a super chill way to participate in Austen in August while also indulging your Jane Austen needs and wants. One of the "tasks" on the challenge is to watch an Austenesque movie at some point this month, but I'm gonna do one better and go for 1 per weekend. So, um. I'm gonna do four better.*

This is somewhat to take the place of my usual Austen movie watch-along & twitter chat, which my schedule is just to inconsistent this month to commit to (though you'll probably still find me on Twitter, chatting about these movies as I watch them...), and partly because I've realized that I've really been avoiding certain Austen adaptations.

. . . I have a thing about 80s hair, okay?

So, to tie into this year's challenge, and give you — and myself — a boost to watch (or read, or listen to, or partake in...) some Austenish things we may have been putting off, I'm giving us (me) weekly assignments. Since AIA takes place on weekdays, consider this your weekend homework.

This week:

Break out the hairspray and the mile high-and-wide shoulder pads, and let's watch a Jane Austen adaptation made in the 80s. Tubular!

A surprising number of Austen movies can be found on Amazon Prime, which is good, since most of them have been removed from Netflix and Hulu. (Major. Frowny. Face.) The 80s-specific ones are probably not limited to those you see below, but they are most definitely free on Prime (I'm sure there are some to rent, too).
They may be grainy. The sound may not be perfectly synced with their lips. And there's a damn good chance the fashions will border on Victorian, but by golly, we're gonna watch 'em!


Which do you think I should watch? Or is there another version I should get my hands on? 
And will you be joining me in watching an Austenesque movie this weekend? Let me know which in the comments!

*I won't be watching a movie the final weekend in August, because by that point, AIA'll be over!

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  1. I say watch Northanger Abbey first, it is one of my favorites that I think is often overlooked. :-)

  2. I enjoy the 80's versions since they were some of the first Austen movie's I saw when I was a kid. I love the way the actor in Northanger Abbey portrays General Tilney- Catherine may have a point... :)

  3. No love for the 1980 BBC P&P on Amazon prime? Then maybe you could watch the MP one and tell me about it because I tried and got bored before Fanny even grew up and gave up.

    1. They have P&P too! I missed it when I was drafting the post.
      I'm still not sure which I'm going to watch, even though I should have watched one by now.
      I've heard there really hasn't been a good version of MP. Unsurprisingly, they tend to change a lot...

  4. The 80s was a fun time & I feel that vibe in your post. Thanks for that. :)

  5. Of those I've seen the Northanger Abbey (not great) and the Mansfield Park which is actually pretty good. So I say, watch MP.

  6. I like P&P and Sense and Sensibility from the 80ties. Northanger Abbey has some good moments. I don't like Mansfield Park, though it's the closest to the book Fanny Price is exceedingly dull.

  7. I have the same avoidance of the 1980s adaptations not because of the hair but the production. I've only seen clips but from what I've seen the production values seemed low but perhaps it's just the clips that were low quality. I've heard some good things about them so I should try to watch, I think S&S might be the one I would be most likely to enjoy.


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