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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Austen in August CHALLENGE!

If you're a regular follower of this blog, you'll know I'm a fan of a challenge, especially if it's a little less challenging, and a little more communal and inviting.
And so, I present to you . . .

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To encourage you to fully embrace your inner Janeite this August, I invite you to join into the official Austen In August challenge! There are 5 tasks designed to engage you on multiple levels — you can make a goal of completing all of them, or knocking off just a few. I'm really more of a choose-your-own-adventure style of challenge-maker. Whatever works for you and makes you happy, makes me happy, too.

The tasks are:
1. Share a photo of your Jane Austen collection
Let us see a peek at how deep your obsession goes! Your books, your Austen movies, your I ❤ Darcy knee-socks...whatever it is, we wanna see!

2. Read an Austen adaptation in August
Whether you're a seasoned veteran of JAFF, or are just dipping your toes into the JAFF waters and aren't even entirely sure what JAFF means*, pick up an Austenesque book to dig into this August!

*Jane Austen Fan Fiction, aka the books we're talking about this month and so many more.

3. Watch an Austenesque movie in August
I mean... you probably don't need an excuse to (re)watch some good ol' Austen flicks, but if you did need an excuse, consider this your push! Dig out your tried and true copy of a favorite Austen movie, or grab a new one to fall into — whether it's the most faithful of BBC adaptations or the silliest of modern takes, if it's even tangentially Austen, it counts!

4. Share one of your favorite Jane Austen quotes. 
And because I am a hand-letterer, I'm awarding bonus cool points via the internet for those of you who write out your quote in your own personal chicken scratch or your very bestest fancy lettering, your choice!

5. Make an "aesthetic" for an Austen character, book, or adaptation.
If you don't know what aesthetics are in the bookish sense of the word, they are A Thing. Think pinterest meets fan-casting. Find a few pictures that represent the mood you're trying to evoke for you characters/scene/book, etc., and compile them into a little collage. And then sit back and enjoy the ~vibes~

You can share your progress with the challenge by snapping a picture for Instagram or Twitter, or by letting us know right here in the comments! Or do it just for you, and keep it your own special secret; that's cool, too.
But I'd love to see your progress, and I'd LOVE for us to collectively fill the world with Jane this month. So if you do share online, make sure to use the hashtag #AustenInAugust. And share the challenge photo below with your goal, so other Janeites can find us and get involved, too!

Austen In August, reading challenge, bookstagram, bookstagram challenge, Jane Austen, Jane Austen challenge, JAFF, Jane Austen fan fiction, watercolor, floral wreath, watercolor florals

Jane Austen, Austen in August, blog event, Jane Austen fan fiction, JAFF, The Book Rat, BookRatMisty
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  1. I'll definitely have to do a few of these. This is great, Misty!

  2. I can do this. Maybe not in order, but definitely do it!

  3. I am going to watch the oldest version of Mansfield Park.

  4. I took on the challenge and watched P&P with my daughter. I thought she might not appreciate the 1995 version due its length so I started her with the 2005 movie. She liked it but asked me near the end of the movie when the romance was going to start.

  5. I was DETERMINED to get involved in Austen in August this year, and I've been doing it! So far I've watched "Lost in Austen" on Hulu.com, then I found a used copy of the DVD at a local store and bought it a couple of days later (I don't always have a Hulu subscription, so now I can watch the series whenever I want!). Then a couple of days ago I started re-watching P&P 1995 as well. I think I'm halfway through episode 3. I'd forgotten how outrageous Mrs. Bennet is in this one. What a lark!

  6. I think I shared a photo of my Austen collection last Austen in August. Hahaha! But where do we share them this time?


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