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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Why Does Mansfield Park End Like THAT? — guest post from Cara at Wilde Book Garden!

I'm seeing a bit of a mini-trend this year in how many people want to talk about — and defend — Mansfield Park, and I have to say: it's fascinating. MP has long been my least-favorite and least-read of Austen's works (which is not to say I dislike it... just that I like it less), but all of the discussions this year, in the posts and in the comments, are really making me reconsider the text and my own reactions to it, as well as making me want to read it again.

In keeping with that, today Cara from Wilde Book Garden is stopping by to talk about that ending, which many consider unsatisfying on one level or another, and how she thinks it was all a very calculated choice to be so.

See what she has to say below, and let us know your thoughts — agreements and disagreements! — in the comments!

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    1. MP does have the most problematic characters of all the novels as well. Though some of these are quite cartoonish in their villany (Mrs. Norris), there are others who could be redeemable. There are such extremes in them all, especially Fanny. She is quite boorish, rigid, prideful (yes). She prides herself in being a weak, lacksadaysical person who cannot walk more than a few feet. I am disgusted with her. She is a snotty morality miss. Edmund created her in his own image. However, even he did not want her at first. He could not deal with a real woman who had a real personality and real faults and virtues. He reminds me of western men who send away for Asian brides. (I know this because I lived for a year in South Korea when I stationed at Osan when I was in the USAF. The similarity is amazing between those women and FP.)


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