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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lookbook: Emma Woodhouse

I love coming up with new ideas to do with you guys every year, and this one might be one of my favorites...

One day, when I was idly wasting time that should have been spent on serious blogging, I thought, wouldn't it be super fun to play stylist for Austen characters in a modern setting? Wouldn't it be fun to shop for them, and try to capture their personalities in modern clothing and style?

I agreed with myself that, yes, it would, and thus the Austen in August Lookbooks were born. I'm only going to do a handful of them this year, though hopefully you guys will like them enough to give me an excuse to do them next year, too. And if you like to waste time browser shop, and want to do your own lookbook, make sure you link it up on the participation linky!

 But without further ado, I give you my looks for Emma Woodhouse! Links to all of the products - as well as an explanation of why I chose the things I did - can be found after The Look.

Emma to me has to have some measure of structure and grace in her clothing - something that says elegant and refined (and wealth); but she's also young and fun, and that should be reflected too. She's described as being quite attractive and rather tall, and she's certainly very confident, so for her looks I sought things that fit my buzzwords: Grecian, classic, timeless, wealth, colorful, and bold.

Look 1:
Emma's first look is sunny and nautical, nice for brunch on the yacht...
dress: Pleated Sailor Dress. (Forever 21); shoes: Xena, (JustFab) in dove gray; bag: Structured satchel (Street Level); necklace: Ben Amun seed beads; polish: NARS Thakoon polish in Amchoor
Look 2:
Emma's 2nd look is a play off of the first, keeping a very tailored, slightly nautical-inspired look but transitioning it into a cute-but-casual dinner-date outfit, with a signature Emma pop!
dress: Striped Skater w belt (Forever 21); shoes: Hilda (Just Fab) in red; accessories: Classic Beauty bracelet (Spring Street), Iron Maven earrings (JustFab); polish: butter LONDON lacquer in The Full Monty
Look 3:
For look 3, Emma's headed out - maybe to a play, maybe on a very shi-shi picnic - but where ever she's going, she aims to have fun!
dress: Lily pleated dress by Dear Creatures, (Ruche); bag:Color block clutch (Nila Anthony); shoes: Lilibeth (JustFab); necklace: Sorcerer's Stone (JustFab); polish: butter LONDON lacquer in Yummy Mummy
Look 4:
For Emma's final look, she's pulling out all the stops, taking full advantage of her Greek Goddess figure...
dress: Side-slit Maxi (Forever 21); shoes: Mirasol (JustFab) in chesnut; accessories: Metal Cuff (Wet Seal), Rosette Studs (Forever 21); polish: Julep nail vernis in Georgia

So there you have it. Is my Emma recognizable to you, or would you have dressed her completely differently?
Let me know your thoughts on Emma, fashion, Austen lookbooks, etc., in the comments!

Click here to be taken to the Austen in August Main Page! Fab button artwork c/o Antique Fashionista!


  1. O pretty. I especially love and agree with the long peachy pink dress.

  2. I vote for more!! ;)

    My favorite look is #3, Shi-shi picnic! It's perfect for our favorite matchmaker!

  3. Blech. I have this problem every time! Unknown is Alyssa Goodnight.

  4. Haha! I wonder why that happens, Alyssa?

  5. LOVE IT. I can imagine Emma in all of these outfits...probably because I kindof picture her as Gwyneth Paltrow. So pretty- especially the nautical.

  6. I had never thought about their dress in our time. wow, that was a new one for me. i enjoyed it very much. Emma....hmmmm, not one of my favorites, I'll pass.

  7. I think Emma would get along nicely with the fashionistas of the year 2012 in these outfits.

  8. I like these outfits but no way Emma would wear something from designer imposter fashion factory Forever 21.

  9. No, she would not. However, finding usable designer pictures that I won't get my ass sued off for... Not so easy. ;P


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