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Friday, August 17, 2012

The Lil' Munchkin Reader's Top 5 Moments of P&P, the movie

Pride and Prejudice vs. Pride and Prejudice
By Samantha McNulty

Every Austenite has their own favourite moments from the many movie or miniseries adaptations of the six books by Jane Austen. They differ from person to person, of course, but some seem to reoccur on a regular basis whomever you ask.

Today, I’m going to concentrate on the two latest Pride and Prejudice adaptations; the BBC’s six part miniseries that starred Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth in 1995 and the film adaptation of 2005 that starred Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen.

Within these two movie adaptations there are many moments that can be chosen from that may be classed as Top Moments. Below is my top five moments from each movie adaptation.
Note: They are in no particular order. I couldn’t decide.

Top 5 Moments (P&P 1995)

1. The look between Darcy and Elizabeth when she and the Gardiner’s are dining at Pemberley.
Do I really have to explain why I like this scene? I love it because in my eyes, it’s the first time Lizzie openly acknowledges her feelings for Darcy.

2. When Darcy and Elizabeth dance together at Netherfield.
I love the witty verbal lashing in this scene from both main characters. Each of them trying to outdo the other person.

3. The walk down the lane before the wedding.
I love the simplicity of this scene and that Darcy follows his heart and not the harsh words of Lady Catherine. Go Mr Darcy!

4. Lady Catherine v. Elizabeth standoff.
I love that Lady C is brought down a peg or two by Lizzie. Lady C believes that her word is law and that she can get anything from Lizzie (such as a promise to never marry Darcy) just because she’s titled and an aunt to Darcy. Hate to disappoint you Lady C, but you can’t!

5. The lake scene.
Firth in a wet linen shirt, boots and breeches. Need I say more?

Top 5 Moments (P&P 2005)

1. The Meryton Assembly.
The 2005 adaptation seems to show a country assembly better than the previous mini series. The scenes seem to have a lot more action and gaiety. It reminds me of modern day events.

2. Darcy and Elizabeth dance at Netherfield.
Just like the 1995 series, the conversation is witty and wonderfully written in to the dancing. I wish I was there to overhear that conversation.

3. Darcy’s first and failed proposal.
The whole rejection of the offer of marriage and the social intercourse of this entire scene is superb! I can feel how both characters are feeling just in the way they deliver the dialogue.

4. Standoff between head strong Elizabeth and Lady C.
Again, this scene is wonderful. Lizzie refusing to back down and Lady Catherine demanding that her wants and needs be met.

5. The accepted proposal between Darcy and Elizabeth.
This scene is so beautiful! I love watching the sun on the horizon as the two acknowledge their love with a kiss.

These are my top five moments from each of the Pride and Prejudice adaptations. I would love to hear what your top five are. Are they the same as mine, different or are your top moments from the earlier adaptations?

Thanks for sharing your favorite moments, Sam!  I know they're certainly some of mine, too (but lets face it, any moment with Lizzie and Darcy is a fave...). What were some of your faves, my Janeites?  I assume, of course, that you've seen both versions - both very different from each other, and both stunning in their own ways - but if not...  Ahem. *points down*
Get on that.

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  1. My favorite scene: When Darcy arrives to Pemberley after his little swim and finds Lizzie there.

    I love his fumbling attempts to make conversation! And Lizzie being all aghast at Darcy finding her there, and Darcy rushing to get properly attired and welcome her...

  2. How could you not love the lake scene with a disheveled Colin Firth? I love it in the second Bridget Jones book when Bridget and her friends come in from a night out at the pub and watch that scene over and over. I could totally do that too!!

  3. I love the 1995 Lady Catherine. Are the shaaades of Pemberly to be thus poluuuted?!

  4. I'll admit that I haven't seen the 2005 version in its entirety. Not because I don't love Pride and Prejudice, but because I don't think that anyone can measure up to Colin Firth's Mr. Darcy. Ever. And yes. That lake scene is glorious.

  5. Ive only seen the 05 version a couple times but I do remember thinking the dance scene at Netherfield was well done, as far as the cinematography. I much prefer the 95 version. Besides the scenes you mentioned, I love the part where Lizzy walks in on Darcy in the billiards room. The look on his face is yummy and intense (whereas the look on her face is more like "shit!" lol) Plus I love his green waistcoat.

    I also like when they're all at Rosings and Lady Cat interrups Darcy and Lizzy's conversation. The way he almost, but not quite, rolls his eyes, makes me laugh every time.

  6. I love the Firth/Ehle movie best. My favorites are the way Elizabeth is skipping at the beginning - a rebellious spirit. I always love the dancing whether it's the Meryton Assembly or Netherfield with the witty dialogue. 3rd is when Darcy and Elizabeth see each other after he comes out of the lake. I like the awkwardness of Darcy and then Elizabeth's response of "why did I come here" - such anxiety. Next I love the dinner scene as mentioned above. And last for this at least but not least is when Darcy rides into Lambton both times to see Lizzie. Georgiana has to know something is up. (the eye roll at Rosings was 6th)(oops take that back I love when Lizzie kisses her dad and says Darcy is the best man she's ever know. In Kiera's version 1. the pig part at the beginning 2. the dancing scenes 3. that it's brief in case I need a P&P fix 4. the gazebo

  7. I love that I'm not the only one that loves the pig part! lol

  8. Pretty much the only scene I love in the new one is the one where they discuss poetry, since that part isn't in the 95 version. Oh, and I think the tiny Mr. Collins did an admirable job.

    So much agreement about the scene where Elizabeth argues with Lady Catherine.

    Some of my favorite scenes from the book aren't in either:
    1) When Mr. Bennet calls Elizabeth into his library to ask if she's okay with marrying Darcy, and she's all YES I LOVE HIM. And he goes, 'YAY I DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT PAYING THE MONEY BACK THEN.' It's just so perfectly him.
    2) When Darcy and Elizabeth go for a walk and she thinks about how she'll have to train him up to be used to teasing. :)

  9. I love the when Darcy meets Elizabeth after the swim, and when Darcy looks out the window and sees Lizzy playing with the dog.


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