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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jane Austen Bridal Shower ~ guest post from Jayme

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when a single man (your one and only younger brother) is engaged, a bridal shower for his blushing bride-to-be is bound to happen. And I, a lover of parties, graphic design and Pinterest, jumped on the chance to create and throw her a shower that fit her quiet, bookish personality. Thus, my Jane Austen bridal shower came to pass, after a brief tango with a Gone With The Wind idea.

Now, in a world where money is a mere object, there would have been lovely garden tea, with a string orchestra and period costumes, because that would be amazing and I would die a million literary deaths. But in real life, I just moved a month ago, hadn't finished unpacking and my budget had shrank considerably due to buying a house. So I choose to incorporate the Austen theme in my invites, decor and a few games. We set up a waffle bar, where guests used waffle mix and an assortment of add-ins and toppings to create their own masterpieces.

First up, colors! I choose to purple (one of the wedding colors), along with a sage green. I found the paper on sale, and created the banner using my mum's Cricut.

I also used Jane's books as centerpieces- along with a few Bronte sisters thrown in the mix to add height :) The flowers matched the colors, and I thought they brought in a nice garden feel. And of course, engagement photos of the couples.

I used this Jane Austen silhouette on my invites, name tags, party cups and a "He Said, She Said" game the guests played.

We also played the traditional Toilet Paper Wedding Dress game, and ended with a Famous Fictional Couple matching game, which you can download here. Any guesses on who the first couple could be? :)

Why this may not seem like much, it was perfect for the bride, who wanted something low key, and enough Austen thrown in throughout the shower that those who knew her work got it, and those who didn't were not overwhelmed by it. My mind raced through idea after idea of Austen-themed games, including Austen charades and Pin the Lips of the giant poster of Colin Firth ;) But I wasn't sure how many guests would really get it, so I went a bit more subtle.

And so, Reader, she married him.

Eh. Wrong Jane. ;)

~ Jayme

Click here to be taken to the Austen in August Main Page! Fab button artwork c/o Antique Fashionista!


  1. I absolutely loved it. What great ideas you had.

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  2. How cute. What a fabulous theme. I love it.

  3. Very cute! I applaud your creativity.

  4. Love it! I'm definitely a fan of the low-key bridal shower ((and heaven help anyone who tries to foist a really fussy shower on me when it's my turn, LOL!)), and this is so cute and bookish! :o) Thanks for sharing

  5. 'I also used Jane's books as centerpieces- along with a few Bronte sisters thrown in the mix to add height' - this made me howl with laughter! Great post and hope the Big Day goes brilliantly for your brother and bride.

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  7. Thanks for sharing about the bridal shower. My brother is planning his engagement party at one of benevolent wedding venues in LA in a couple of months. Hope he books best one soon. Thinking to surprise couple with a memorable gift.

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