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Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Ladies Regency Persona Generator

Seeing as there is no Master of Ceremonies, I suppose I will have to introduce myself. (Shocking, I know.) My name is Mrs. Maria de Bourgh, of those de Bourghs. My husband? Alas, my Reginald is no more, and I am sadly widowed. *pauses to shed a dainty tear*
Though with Poor, Dear Reginald gone, I do have more time for my hobbies of embroidery and riding... And I  have more time to attend the poor, of course. One must uphold the sacred duties of one's station, after all...
Now, I must go - the wheels on my carriage sound awfully rickety, I must ask Higgs to see to them...
Aaaaand scene.

What the hell am I talking about, you ask? Well, according to the Ladies Regency Persona Generator, the above is my Regency persona. =D
You guys know I love doing silly little things for my events (because I don't have enough else to do, I have to spend a few hours drumming up ridiculous things like this...).  Wanna know your Regency Persona? Each of the boxes below has some aspect of your persona; go to random.org, input the appropriate number for each box (ie Christian (given) name 1-20, etc), find your number for each, and put your persona together.
You can do as many "Lady-like Pursuits" as you'd like, though I recommend at least 3 for a well-rounded persona.  And if you'd like to know how your character dies (maudlin, I know), generate a number for the last box - but you can skip this, if you'd prefer to be kept in the dark on such things... (Besides, it'll probably be consumption anyway...)

Have fun, and make sure you introduce yourself in the comments!!

***Note: If you're having trouble reading it, here is the full list!
Clickety to embiggen!

Click here to be taken to the Austen in August Main Page! Fab button artwork c/o Antique Fashionista!


  1. Pleased to meet you Mrs Maria de Bourgh {curtsies}..
    I am Miss Elizabeth Bates of the Highbury Bates ~ mmhmm! yes, and I do so love shopping for ribbons and deliteful frippery. A wonderful diversion I find, along with playing card games.
    During the daytime you'll find me under my favourite bonnet, gardening and enjoying shady spots to take tea. I especially love Box Hill and all its beauty. Perhaps a picnic will soon be in the offing. I will have to write some letters to the locals and suggest we enjoy the remainder of August with a party in the countryside... mmhmm!

    Yes, of course, you're invited! what would a party be without you?!

  2. Delighted to make your acquaintance, Miss Bates.
    *bows regally*

  3. My name is Henrietta Churchill, and I am unhappily married to a wealthy man (go figure). I spend my days maintaining a broad correspondence, riding, and, when the weather permits, sea bathing. I will die in childbirth, taking my horrid husband's longed for heir with me, and leaving us both thoroughly dissatisfied with the union.

    How morbid!

  4. Hello my name Is Louisa Spencer. My pastimes consists of Painting scenes and Reading. I am Not yet out in society (why am I even here?).

  5. Louisa - back to bed with you!

    Henrietta - I believe your husband was a friend of my Reginald? Though I will be sorry to see you go (and in such a fashion!), he really is a horrid man...Nothing like my Reginald... *cough cough*


  6. Hello, and good day. I am Elizabeth Rushworth. I am so delighted to make your acquaintance. I am happily married to a wealthy man, no doubt I'm the second wife of Mr. Rushworth, but that is no hardship, I assure you as his wealth was well in tact after the dalliances of his first wife. Oh, do pardon me, I cannot seem to help myself. Gossiping is my second favorite passtime, but since it is unseemly of married women to dance as I once used to it seems I have become quite the overshare. I also enjoy reading, but only when there is no one to talk to. Oh, dear. This yellow fever will do me in before I have told you all, and heard all your tidbits of information.

  7. A pleasure to meet you all! I'm Catherine Bates (no relation to the Highbury Bates, sorry), and I wholly sympathize with your plight, Mrs. Rushworth. I too am afflicted with this dreadful yellow fever! I'd strongly recommend you try Sanditon for its restorative properties — I've found the sea bathing here to be simply marvellous! On my better days, when I'm not enjoying the bracing sea air, I do love to embroider or even kick up my heels with a little dancing. (Only a little, though, as the fever, chills and headache do put a damper on things...)

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