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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cover Crush: Misty's Favorite Austen Cover Designs, pt 2

Earlier in Austen in August, I showed you some of my favorite Austen set cover designs in the first Austen Cover Crush, and now it's time for more! Most of these are full sets as well, but a few of them are only partial sets (which sucks, because they're gorgeous).  I wouldn't mind having each and every one of these on my shelves...

Let me know in the comments what you think of them, and if you have any favorite sets or designs out there!

These soft and simple designs from Headline UK
Love the soft pastel look of these, and the very simple embellishments. But most of all, I love the way they look as a set.

*get these versions at Headline UK

These gorgeous leatherbound editions from Barnes and Noble.
Basically, I want all of B&N's leatherbound books. For some reason they didn't make a full set of the Austen ones (at least, not that I've ever seen), though they did release a leatherbound omnibus of all of them.

These simple, colorful Signet Classics.
I love how simple and striking these are, and I love colorful books! Especially when it comes to classics, which can be very drab.

And lastly
These GORGEOUS watercolors from Splinter. 
Why they didn't do a full set of these, I do not know. I would buy these in triplicate. So effing gorgeous.

So, what do you think of this round of Austen cover crushes? Any standouts for you?
And any I missed? Let me know in the comments!!

Click here to be taken to the Austen in August Main Page! Fab button artwork c/o Antique Fashionista!


  1. Ooh I love the Headline UK ones - they're young and whimsical. They remind me of things I'd doodle in my notebook (well, you know, if I could actually draw). And the watercolor ones are gorgeous. Maybe one day they'll finish the set.

  2. Wow the watercolor covers are absolutely beautiful. I love the simplicity of them with the splashes of color. I definitely have to add that edition of Pride and Prejudice to my collection.

  3. I have the Headline UK ones. They are so beautiful! They look so pretty on my bookshelf.

  4. This is why I end up with multiple copies of books. They all look so beautiful. My favs are the B&N leather bound, but I want each book individually done. I swear I'm like Isla Fisher's character in Definitely, Maybe with a collection of the same book, or in my case books.

  5. Wow for the B&N leatherbound edition books! But they're all gorgeous.

  6. headline uk are my faves. The others are nice also though.

  7. Misty! You've gotta stop showing me these. I'm trying to give away my paper book collection and put everything on my Kindle so it's easier to move to England... then you show me these gorgeous covers? Gah! I wants them all!!

    The top set in particular calls to me--something about the softness of the art. I do love the B&N leatherbound ones, but let's not talk about how much weight that would add to my moving boxes.


  8. WOW. I LOVE the watercolours and the simple covers from the UK company. *swoons*

  9. The Signet classics and Splinter were tied for 1st for me. The leather ones would be next. I especially loved how the Signet ones had such a meaningful item on each cover.


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