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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kailia's Top 5 Austen Moments

Top 5 Austen Moments
I am so happy that Misty is giving this chance for others to guest post about all things Austen. I LOVE Jane Austen and her work and I can never seem to get enough.

I chose to the Top Five Austen Moments from books I’ve read or am very familiar with. Mind you, the majority of these, if not all, are the cute, swoonworthy endings where Austen heroines gets the guys they were intended for (I mean, really? Could Lizzie end up with anyone else?)

So here they are!

Pride & Prejudice: After his aunt has come to see Lizzie, Darcy comes back to apologize to Lizzie. By this time, Lizzie admits to being in love with him (finally!). I love,love, love it when Darcy admits that he still loves Lizzie and that none of his feelings have changed. There is just something so perfect about a man who’s able to admit his feelings to a girl. Plus, I love this entire book and how Lizzie and Darcy’s relationship evolves. Both have to learn to see through their faults and accept the other. Plus, who else could they end up with? The tension and unspoken words between them was high and I knew that they would end up together!

Persuasion: I LOVE this book! Not only is it an Austen, it’s an interesting Austen in my opinion. There is a LOT of tension between Anne and Wentworth and it’s obvious that they both still love each other. Their letters and all of this random meetings really put a spin on their relationship. After SO much tension, it’s so wonderful when they finally get together! I love that both pretty much admit to being in love with the other and admit it at the same time.

Sense & Sensibility: While I love both Dashwood sisters, Elinor’s happily ever after was sweeter in my opinion. As I’ve above, I just love it when the man admits to being in the wrong (if he was that is) and admitting to still loving the girl! Which is why I liked it so much when Edward let Elinor know of the miscommunication. Plus, there's just something so....adorable when a misunderstand leads to two people not being together when it’s painfully obvious that they love each other. Or maybe it’s just me!

Northanger Abbey: I love Catherine and it’s so obvious that she and Henry love each other! I mean, really, totally obvious! So I wasn’t the biggest fan of Henry when he got mad at Catherine for basically her curiosity and he was willing (in my opinion) to throw their love away. No, dude. That’s not how it works. So when he comes in an admits that he was an idiot and that Catherine was treated badly, I liked him again. It’s kind of hard not too. I also liked that Catherine got her happily ever after without all that Gothic drama she read about!

Emma: I’ll admit it: Emme drives me crazy. Her meddlesome ways really get to me but it’s not that I don’t like her. I do like Emma. I admire her need to make people happy by setting them up (even if it’s not the right) and the fact that she really doesn’t mean anything bad by it. Maybe that’s why I love it when she and George Knightley (even if he’s SO MUCH older than Emma) get together. Even if Knightly opposed Emma’s methods (well, he liked correcting her...a lot), he still loved her and I think he understood that she meant well.

~ From Kailia of Reading the Best of the Best

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  1. I like the Persuasion and Pride and Prejudice moments too. I like Jane and Bingley's moment (after all if it had been like "Lost in Austen" we all would have cried). I like Mr. Wickham and Lydia. I kind of feel like she'll make him miserable. I also like Louisa and Captain Benwick. Perfection over poetry.

  2. Wow, Kailia, you've pinpointed some great Jane Austen's moments! I'll add the moment in P&P when Lizzy tells her father to ignore what she's said previously about Darcy because she really does love him, and they share this very British 'almost emotional' moment which the 1995/2005 screen adaptations convey wonderfully.

  3. My opinions on Northanger are pretty much entirely opposite, haha. I LOVE Henry. He's my favorite Austen guy, actually. Catherine is a bit naive for my tastes. Were I him, I would be frustrated too, not so much because of her silly suspicions, but because she didn't just talk to him. Honesty is a pretty important thing for a lifelong commitment.

  4. So, I'm not just the only one who thinks Emma is a little snobbish, snooty and better then everyone else? Thank goodness!

  5. Can't stand Emma either personally. And I love Henry Tilney also. I think he's very interesting.


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