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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Austen in August Welcome & Schedule!!


Welcome Janeites (and newbies!); if you've joined me before for Jane in June, yes, this is the same thing - just later! (I had a crazy June, sorry!) If you're new to the Jane Game, allow me to explain: Austen in August is basically a Jane Austen lovefest. Here, you'll find author interviews (with a twist this year), giveaways, book reviews, guest posts, games - in short, everything I - and fellow Janeites - could come up with to spread the love of Jane and shine a light on not only her works, but continuations of them from dedicated fans and authors.

Below you'll find my schedule of events, updated daily, to guide you through what can be an overwhelmingly-awesome, jam-packed (Jane-packed?) 2+ weeks.  There will be an Austen in August button on every single post with a link that will lead you back here to this main page, to help you navigate to the things you want to see. There will also be a brief menu in the sidebar to take you to key things. (Or you can just scroll and browse to your hearts content.)
The button looks like this,
and you'll find it at the bottom of every page!

A lot of the awesome things you're going to stumble across were contributed by awesome bloggers and authors who - like me - find themselves a tad obsessed with Jane (or are new to the fandom but wanted to dive in head first). You may find yourself regretting that you didn't get to contribute some piece of your Jane-loving ways, and if you find yourself in that position, fear not! There is a participation linky set up for you to share your own posts, reviews, lists, vlogs and giveaways at any time!
And you're also encouraged to participate in the discussions or the Persuasion read along!!

The rest I'm sure is pretty self-explanatory - browse, read, chime in, enter to win, channel your inner Lizzie (or your inner-Lydia...this is a judgement free zone who am I kidding?), and above all, HAVE FUN!!

Wednesday, the15th
Saturday, the 18th
Sunday, the 19th
Monday, the 20th
Tuesday, the 21st
Wednesday, the 22nd
Thursday, the 23rd
Friday, the 24th
Saturday, the 25th
Sunday, the 26th
Monday, the 27th
Tuesday, the 28th
Wednesday, the 29th
Thursday, the 30th
Friday, the end

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