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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Austen in August Lookbooks Presents: LYDIA BENNET

Earlier in Austen in August, I showed you my first lookbook for the character of Emma Woodhouse, and man, was it ever fun shopping for Emma!; Emma's style was very clean, precise and high-end, but this time, we're going in the total opposite direction...
I give you:

When it comes to creating Lydia, you really just have to throw out the rule book. Lydia's about self-expression and attention; she loves all eyes on her, and and remember, she's not afraid of repurposing something ugly (like a bonnet) into something that just says LYDIA... And though these are separated into "looks" don't be fooled - Lydia would totes be mix-n-match.
So prepare yourselves: Lydia's style is not for the faint of  ♥...

Look #1: I have a feeling Lydia would really like zebra stripes. And hot pink, Lydia would be all about the neon...
dress: 1-shoulder zebra print dress from Forever 21; bag: Daredevil bag, JustFab; shoes: Zebra Pumps, Deb; tights: pink fishnets, Hot Topic; accesories: Fierce bracelet, Lia SopiaPeacock eyelashes, PaperselfDiamond earrings, Deb

Look #2: Just as Lydia would love hot pink, she's sure to flip for acid green. I think of this as Lydia's lounging around on the weekends look - though I don't there'd be as much "lounging" as "posing"...
dress: Jungle Club Mini from Nasty Gal; bag: Honeydew Fizz bag, JustFab; shoes: Marcella shoes, JustFab; makeup: High-gloss lip color in Big Bang, from Urban Decay; accesories: Neon Feather earrings, Creations By Christen (etsy); nails: Tokidoki nail art stickers, Sephora

Look #3: A girl can't wear dresses all the time, and I think Lydia sometimes likes to get a little rough and tumble; these jean/shirt options are Lydia's concert at a club/walking around the mall look
clothing: Black Marble Destroyed jeans, Wet SealTrouble Maker cropped tee, Wet Seal, and Love Me Mesh tank, Wet Seal; bag: baby girl bag, Deb; accesories:Ferocious necklace, Lia SophiaStackable chevron ring, Deb; nails: USA! USA! polish by OPI

Look #4: Lastly, Lydia's gotta have a quirky nod to her roots (and by this I mean heritage, and not the roots of her hair, which are beginning to show through the neon dye job...)
dress: Spice Up Your Life mini from Nasty Gal; shoes: Wilma boots, JustFab; accessories: Oceanique bracelet, Lia SophiaPassage to India necklace, JustFab; nails: Kat Von D high voltage nail lacquer in Sparklehorse

So, what do you think of my Lydia? As...out there as her style is, there are certainly some pieces I'd like to steal...
How would you dress Lydia? Let me know in the comments, and if you want to do your own character Lookbook, make sure to share it on the AiA linky!!

Click here to be taken to the Austen in August Main Page! Fab button artwork c/o Antique Fashionista!


  1. Hey i think I have that green stripe dress and I don't remotely resemble Lydia. Just teasing. I agree she needs something to get attention but maybe even more brazen than these. I'm not sure.

  2. I loved what you did with Emma's lookbook and I love this too! Although, like Suzan says, perhaps this is a censored view of her closet? I can imagine her baring her midriff - and the rest - at the slightest opportunity.

  3. I think I sort of took the approach that Lydia is a teenager in need of expressing herself and getting attention - and she has more outlets for that in our time, certainly, so she didn't need to be TOO over the top (plus she wants to be attractive to as wide a population of men as possible...). Though I will say, the zebra dress may be a bit much for a 15 year old, so it's not like she's not pushing the boundaries where she can...

    She might be more garish than I could bear making her, though. ;)

  4. This is brilliant - Lydia for the 21st century - and the outfits are perfect!

  5. I think Lydia would be the kind of girl to have designer clothes which she omly wears onece and perhapstop of the range accesories!

  6. LOVE IT! Very garish! Although I do agree with the comments- I imagine her HAVING to have the most expensive designer clothes and always boasting about it, and wearing fierce heels with everything and everything low cut. So maybe less grungy than the look book, but as she is a teenager maybe this is what she would be able to get away with!


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