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Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Face Off: Persuasion Movie Adaptations

Since this year's Read Along is Persuasion (and since I'm going to have a "Viewing Party" of the two versions), I figured now was as good a time as any to get your thoughts on it. If you've watched both, of course you can just chime in with your fave in the comments (or if you've only watched one and felt like it was so perfect that you don't want to watch the other, let us know why). But for the rest of you - or those who want a little refresher - I'm going to post the trailers of each to help you decide.
Consider: the actors (both whether  how they look and how they act suits your vision for the characters), the look of the movie, the treatment of key scenes, romantic tension - all of that good stuff - and if you can, set aside the quality of the 1995 trailer - it was made almost 20 years ago, after all! Give each a good looksie, and then let us know in the comments which you think is the superior movie adaptation of Persuasion!




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And, for those of you wondering:
Last week on FFO: The UK/CAN cover of Sarah J Maas' Throne of Glass blew the US cover out of the water. I certainly know which edition I'll be buying, if and when I ever do...
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  1. I have both versions on DVD, my favourite is the Rupert Penry-Jones version. I watch it almost as much as I watch the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice (which is about once a month). So my vote is for the 2007 version.

  2. I'm ashamed to admit I've seen neither. :(
    Shame on me!

  3. I've seen both, and I much prefer the 1995 version, though I wish they'd do another, big budget adaptation. I think the story deserves it, and we'd get something beautiful. But that's a pipe dream, so... what can I say but that I watch that 1995 one at least once a year. *grin*

  4. The 1995 Persuasion is probably the best Jane Austen film adaptation - and yes, that includes the Colin Firth P&P miniseries.

  5. I've watched and enjoyed them both. The 1995 one was probably better but the main actors were too old for the parts in my opinion and I couldn't really see much chemistry between them. In that respect I think the later one is an improvement.

  6. I found the 2007 version to be quite charming. The 1995 version... just seemed like an excessive amount of staring-just-beyond-the-camera.

    So my vote is for the newer one. :)

  7. I enjoyed both of them but I haven't seen either enough times to really analyze them or compare them to the book, etc.

  8. Love 1995, HATED 2007.

    Here are reviews I did on my blog a while ago.

    1995- http://marspeach.wordpress.com/2011/04/08/persuasion-1995-review/

    2007- http://marspeach.wordpress.com/2011/04/14/persuasion-2007-review/

  9. Whoa, those are big words, Liviania!
    I liked (never loved) the 1995 version, and agree fully with Ceri, the actors were too old. And I don't mean that in the way that we get used to seeing really young looking, gorgeous actors in EVERYTHING, but I mean, they legitimately looked too old for the part. It took me a while longer to get into it because of that, I think. And Ciaran Hinds just...wasn't Wentworth to me, though Amanda Root was pretty awesome.

  10. I cringed through the '07 version. The woman who played Mary SNORTED!! I know, Mary is not elegantly minded like Anne, and certainly not beautiful like Elizabeth but she's more mannerly than the Hayters.

    Rupert Penry-Jones, I suspect, is the sort of handsome that Austen had in mind when she wrote Persuasion, but he took the unjust, weal, and resentful to the extreme. Hinds played Wentworth with tongue-in-cheek humor that I think was perfect. He was certain too old--44 at the time of filming--but I think he did a great job. And as for there being little chemistry, Frederick and Anne rarely together and never alone until the end of the novel.

    I do resent that the '95 version gave us a circus rather than the Gravel Walk. I wanted more Wentworth groveling and Anne reveling in his groveling.

  11. The '95 version hands down. Anne was on the shelf by this time remember and no doubt she'd had a lot on her plate. The colors in her face do seem to change from pallor to pink when she's dealing Frederick or other embarrassing situations. The story line was very complete and more accurate. Mrs. Smith was explained better and more accurate. Hinds did a great job. A little weather beaten, and perhaps not as mannerly as many would like him to be but he's been in the navy capturing ships and doing whatever he had to for promotion. I think the Penry-Jones version was good because it showed emotion but I didn't like it as well for story content. And I hated absolutely hated the kiss at the end. It was disgusting....how long could it take and it's almost like she's groveling and trying to be tall enough to reach him. Going back to kellynch also didn't seem realistic tho' I like them dancing on the lawn.

  12. I've seen neither version.

    When I was at university and we spent a whole semester analyzing Persuasion, we were also supposed to watch the movie adaptation at the end of the academic year, because our professor was a fan (I mean the 1995 version; the 2007 version wasn't out yet). Unfortunately, there was something wrong with either the VCR tape or the necessary equipment to project it on the screen, and the technician couldn't make it work, so we never watched it. I was very disappointed :(

  13. I love the 1995 version - I think it captures the autumnal mood of the book perfectly. Unfortunately, it made me reluctant to watch the 2007 version, because I felt I would make unfair comparisons. So I've only seen trailers for the later one - even so, Rupert Penry-Jones ticks quite a few of my boxes!

  14. I find both these versions disappointing (though I do prefer '95 as it is less infuriating), relying the 1971 mini-series when I need a Persuasion fix. Both portrayals of Wentworth are strong, but no one gets Anne right. Amanda Root is too browbeaten, and Sally Hawkins did all that dreadful running at the end.

  15. Hmm, I haven't seen the 71 version. I'm always leery of pre-90s versions because of the hair/costumes/budget, but if that's good one, I might have to look it up!

    And UGH, the running. AND the kiss. I hate those long, millimeter-closer, going to swallow each others faces kisses anyway, but in the middle of Bath in the 1800s?! Um, no.

  16. Your so right! The long, super melodramatic kiss is bad enough in a modern setting, but in the middle of a 19th century English street? Soooo unbearable.

    The 71 version isn't going to make a good impression as far as appearances are concerned, but I kind of love those verbatim adaptations. They can be depended on not to infuriate me.

  17. You know I agree totally with Alexa. You probably won't like the '71 version but I do like it for the wording, story-telling ability and level of plot involved. The hair, costumes, etc. does throw one off however. You just have to be prepared. How could I forget about the running. That's one of my strongest objections. The kiss, the running and the treatment of Mrs. Smith.


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