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Sunday, August 18, 2013

AUSTEN IN AUGUST Welcome & Schedule!


The time has come again, my dearest, loveliest Janeites! Welcome to Austen in August, my 4th annual Jane Austen lovefest! If you're unfamiliar with Austen in August (or its former incarnation, Jane in June), then briefly: Austen in August is 2 solid weeks of non-stop Janery. There will be reviews, interviews, guest posts, giveaways and tons of fun random stuff. This year, I also want to try some new things, like movie nights and/or twitter parties. And of course, we've got our yearly read along, this time of Austen's most challenging work, Mansfield Park.  All are welcome in Austen in August, from the most diehard of Janeites, with their "You pierce my soul" tattoos and their curricle-driving street gangs*, to the most fresh-faced, wide-eyed initiates, who find no significance (as yet) in the term "wet-shirt"... (noobs)
*If groups like this really exist, please tell me how to become one of your order...

Below you'll find the schedule of events, updated daily, to help guide you through the next two overwhelmingly-awesome/awesomely-overwhelming weeks. There will be an Austen in August button, like the one seen below,  at the bottom of each and every post, which you can click to be brought back to this main page, where you can navigate to your next bit of Janedom. There will also be a brief navigational menu in the sidebar, with links to key things. Or you can just scroll and scroll  to your heart's content!
Feel free to snag the button below and display it on your sidebars, tumblrs, or your own AIA blog posts.

The button will look like this, and will link you back to this main page.
Thanks to faestock & inadesign for the images used to create this button.

And speaking of your own posts - a lot of the amazing Jane goodness you're going to see during Austen in August was contributed by other bloggers and authors who couldn't pass up a chance to spread their love of Jane. In the midst of all this sweet, sweet Janery, you may find yourself regretting that you didn't sign up to be a featured guest, but it's cool, I've gotcha covered! There is a Participation Linky set up for you to share any Austen-related posts you decide to share from your own blogs. Feel free to wade in and get your feet wet, or dive in head first and share your love of Austen! And, if you're so inclined, join the Mansfield Park read-along!

The rest is pretty self-explanatory, though I do want to make one note - I've decided, for the sake of ease-of-scrolling, to do things a little different this year. Because there are so very many awesome posts going up, all but the shortest posts are going to have a "jump" or a pagebreak. This way, if you're wanting to just scroll-through and idly browse AIA, you'll be able to take more in at a glance, find what you're looking for easier, and everything will load faster: win win win.

Now. Go forth, my dears. Browse, read, enter to win and chime into the the many Edmund Bertram debates that I'm sure will pop up, and enjoy Austen in August!!

(It's pretty full; feel free to politely decline Mr Collins...)

Sunday, the 18th
Monday, the 19th
Tuesday, the 20th
Wednesday, the 21st
Thursday, the 22nd
Friday, the 23rd
Saturday, the 24th
Sunday, the 25th
Monday, the 26th
Tuesday, the 27th
Wednesday, the 28th
 **Don't forget to join me on Twitter at 8 pm EST for our final #AIATwitChat!**

Thursday, the 29th
Friday, the 30th
Saturday, the 31st

***Note:  For the sake of feed aggregators and different timezones,  the posts will be staggered throughout the day (roughly every 4 hours). All of the posts will be linked on this schedule at midnight, however, so that it's done and ready. This means that at some points of the day, posts will be linked here but not live yet, so don't be alarmed if you click something & it says it doesn't exist! It's only a matter of time - check back often!

Want more Jane-browsing while you wait for tomorrow's posts? Check out years One, Two and Three!


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