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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Austenmania: My Jane Austen Collection

Those of you who watch my ongoing bookshelf tour know that my Jane Austen books are kept apart from the rest of my collection, which is organized by color.  (I mean, certainly wouldn't want my demure Regency ladies getting any ideas from anything located on the red shelf, now would I?)
Take a look at my particular Austenmania below, where you'll also find all of the links to the books, my reviews and other good bits.
I would also totally love if you'd share YOUR Austen collection with me - no matter how small! I'd like to put a post together for the end of AIA highlighting people's collections, so please, email me or tweet me pictures of your Austen obsession!
Now - on to The Shelf:

P&P graphic novel (from this collection)
Various versions of THE SIX (including some clothbounds and my boxed set. So pretty...)
Darcy & Fitzwilliam | Karen V. Wasylowski [review]
Only Mr Darcy Will Do | Kara Louise [review]
Yours Affectionately, Jane Austen | Sally Smith O'Rourke - review coming!
The Darcy Cousins | Monica Fairview [review]
A Weekend with Mr Darcy  | Victoria Connelly [review]
Mr Darcy & the Secret of Becoming a Gentleman | Maria Hamilton [review]
The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen | Syrie James
Wickham's Diary | Amanda Grange [review]
Miss Bennet & Mr Bingley | Fenella J. Miller [review]
What Would Mr Darcy Do? | Abigail Reynolds [review]
I Was Jane Austen's Best Friend | Cora Harrison
Pride & Popularity | Jenni James [review]
P&P: Hidden Lusts | Mitzi Szereto [review]
Enthusiasm | Polly Shulman
Prada & Prejudice | Mandy Hubbard
The Dashwood Sisters Secrets of Love | Rosie Rushton
The Jane Austen Handbook | Margaret C. Sullivan [review]
Captain Wentworth's Persuasion | Regina Jeffers
Mr Darcy's Daughters | Elizabeth Aston
The Jane Austen Book Club | Karen Joy Fowler
Mr Darcy, Vampyre | Amanda Grange
P&P&Z; Dawn of the Dreadfuls | Steve Hockensmith [review]
P&P&Z; Dreadfully Ever After | Steve Hockensmith [review]
Persuade Me | Juliet Archer [review]
The Truth About Mr Darcy | Susan Adriani
Midnight in Austenland | Shannon Hale [review]
Mr Darcy Goes Overboard | Belinda Roberts [review]
The Phantom of Pemberley | Regina Jeffers

At this point, I somehow managed to not talk at all about the rest of the books in that back corner, so:
The Trouble with Mr Darcy | Sharon Lathan
Darcy & Elizabeth | Linda Berdoll
Intimations of Austen | Jane Greensmith
Lady Vernon and her Daughter | Jane Rubino & Caitlin Rubino Bradway

and then on to the front section:
my pretty complete collection (my precioussss)
Sanditon | "Another Lady" (Marie Dobbs/Anne Telescombe) [review]
Austensibly Ordinary | Alyssa Goodnight [review]
Epic Fail | Claire LaZebnik - review coming soon!
Impulse & Initiative (aka "To Conquer Mr Darcy") | Abigail Reynolds - review coming soon!
There Must Be Murder | Margaret C. Sullivan - review coming soon!
First Impressions and Second Glances | Alexa Adams - review of both coming soon!
Jane Austen Ruined My Life | Beth Pattillo [review]
Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy, the Last Man in the World | Abigail Reynolds [review]
Spies & Prejudice | Talia Vance - review coming soon!
For Darkness Shows the Stars | Diana Peterfreund [review]
Among the Janeites | Deborah Yaffe - review coming soon!
The Road to Pemberley | ed. Marsha Altman
Jane Austen Made Me Do It | ed. Laurel Ann Nattress
Sass & Serendipity | Jennifer Ziergler
The Man Who Loved Pride and Prejudice | Abigail Reynolds
Murder at Mansfield Park | Lynn Shepherd [review]

Also have, but appear to have escaped 'The Shelf'
Austenland | Shannon Hale
The Twelfth Enchantment | David Liss [review]
Prom & Prejudice | Elizabeth Eulberg [review]
Intimations of Austen | Jane Greensmith [review]
Lady Vernon's Daughter | Jane Rubino & Caitlin Rubino Bradway
Death Comes to Permberley | PD James
Austentatious (audiobook) | Alyssa Goodnight

Janedom Paraphernalia:
P&P book box (I made it, yo!)
Becoming Jane DVD
Persuasion DVD
(and more tons more digital movies)
P&P necklace
Jane Austen action figure

Also mentioned:
Holly: http://bookworminbarrie.blogspot.com/
Sourcebooks Janery: http://www.sourcebooks.com/spotlight/jane-austen.html

Click the pic to be taken to the Austen in August Main Page! Thanks to faestock & inadesign for the images used to create this button.


  1. When I tweeted you with my Jane shelf I forgot to put my Death comes to Pemberley book. Shakes head....having one of those days.... :0)

    1. Haha - I'm gonna let it slide, considering that I forgot to put Death Comes to Pemberley on MY shelf, too... ;)

  2. What a great collection! I added many books on my wish list :)

    1. Let me know what you think if you end up reading any of them! =)

  3. You're such a devoted fan. That's a great collection! = ) However, I only had my hands on three Austen novels thus far, them being Pride and Prejudice, Emma and Persuasion. I know, I need to purchase more Austen works. = )

  4. I've added some titles to my to buy-list ;o) Thanks a lot.

  5. I'd have to send you a pic of my kindle, doesn't quite have the same effect as a lovely pic of a bookshelf! I've been meaning to get a set of the gorgeous cloth covered Jane Austen books, I love those.

    Kindle-wise, I have 18 modern Austen-inspired books, and 56 set in the period, mostly Pride and Prejudice inspired, and nearly 100 unread! I am shocked, didn't realise I have that many. I have about 5 paperbacks to read too

  6. Oh drool! My collection has been all over the place (and a few boxes) since my future-Austen-addict was born and took over the room I'd kept them in. And the eBooks just aren't nearly as nice to collect, if infinitely more practical.

    I LOVE your Jane action figure, so fun! And the out and about images you post on IG are fantastic! Have you see the From the Desk of Jane Austen post card set? The box itself is a great Jane-shelf addition, it's the one Jane thing I have out on a shelf right now.

    1. Thanks! I definitely plan on sharing the #TravelsWithJane series during AIA. =D
      And no, I don't think I have seen that, but I'll look into it. I need more stuff like that.

      Good luck raising that future Janeite! May I suggest things like this?

  7. Lovely collection, Misty! Love the original Jane Austen geekery you have with you on the shelf! Great video!

  8. Fun collection, Misty! I feel much better about the pile of Jane Austen/Austen Inspired books on my shelf and on my kindle. Mine are scattered around my shelves and not easily put in a picture, but out of curiosity I decided to count them. Um, yeah, over 200 of them. I think you should give Linda Wells' Memory series a try which is a P&P variation.

    I must get one of those Jane Austen action figures.

    1. Ooh, I haven't even heard of Linda Wells' series. I'll definitely look into it! =)

  9. That is a serious Austen book shelf! And I thought your fairy tale obsession was out of control :)!!

    1. I've debated whether to pull my fairy tale books into their own shelf, but then I'd have to go into deciding whether things that are fairy tale-esque count, and then the list could be so endless I don't know that it could fit... So I've just left it as is. But I am curious to know just how extensive my fairy tale collection is. I need more originals, though.

  10. Wow. I am jealous of all your books in general. We are a military family, so moving belongings go by weight...and books can weigh oh so much! I only really allow myself one small shelf of books that I constantly weed out and donate to places to keep my collection down. Why I resort to purchasing more kindle editions of books now....but I do love (and miss) seeing such a packed book shelf!

    1. And I do LOVE fairy tales. My fav I've read in a long time is Snow White Sorrow...loved it. Have you read that one yet?

  11. I'm a purist when it comes to Jane Austen. I mostly only have only her writings, Pamela Aidan's Fitzwilliam Darcy chronicles, some reference books, Second Impressions (only because it's hardcover) and my Georgette Heyer and Downton Abbey books on a shelf of honor. The
    para literature" books get tossed in the swap box or are borrowed from the library. My antique children's books have their own shelf, and Harry Potter has another shelf.

  12. So many books, too little time! Love your collection, we know it's going to keep growing!


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