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Friday, August 23, 2013

Giveaway: His Good Opinion and Loving Miss Darcy by Nancy Kelley

Yesterday, Nancy Kelley, author of the Brides of Pemberley series, stopped by to rant about lame heroes...and one, in particular: Mr Edmund Bertram. If you want to join in on the Edmund-bashing or - if you're a rare Edmund fan - the Edmund-praising, make sure to check out that post. But before you do, Nancy wanted to offer up a little something to you AIA faithfuls.
Click through to enter to win His Good Opinion and Loving Miss Darcy!

Mr. Darcy Speaks from the Heart:
Pride and Prejudice from his Point of View

Though tired of Society's manipulations, Darcy never thought to be enchanted by a country maiden. Yet on a visit to rural Hertfordshire, Elizabeth Bennet captivates him. Lovely and vivacious, she is everything he is not, and everything he longs to have.

Unfortunately, her connections put her decidedly beneath him, and the improprieties he observes in her family do not win his favor. Putting her firmly out of his mind, Darcy returns to London, but Elizabeth is not so easily forgotten.

When chance throws them together, Darcy can no longer deny his love, but Elizabeth, put off by his manners, refuses him. To change her mind, he must set aside his proud ways and learn how to please a woman worthy of being pleased. It takes a serious incident for his true character to shine, and for Elizabeth to learn just how valuable is...

His Good Opinion

Georgiana Darcy watches daily as her brother and his wife fall more deeply in love and dreams of similar love and a home of her own. However, after the disaster years ago with Wickham, she does not believe that any man will have her; thus, the idea of a Season in London holds no appeal for her.

Richard Fitzwilliam was tasked with watching over Georgiana and seeing her married to a deserving gentleman. The problem is finding a gentleman he approves of; not even his closest friends are deemed worthy of her hand.

When scandal breaks and all Georgiana’s worst fears seem to come true, will Richard realize in time how deep his affections run, or will they lose their chance at happiness?

Nancy has offered up copies of His Good Opinion and Loving Miss Darcy to one lucky Austen in August reader! This giveaway is international, with winners choice of paperback or ebook in the US/CAN; ebook only for the rest of the wide world. Ends September 7th, 12a EST. Fill out the Rafflecopter below to enter.
Please note: As with all Austen in August giveaways, you must fill out the giveaway registration form here in order to enter. This only has to be done once, and then you are free to enter all giveaways. Invalid entries will be deleted. Please do not leave any sensitive info or email addresses in the comments! Thanks!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I already have both of them and I've read His Good Opinion. It was fabulous so I just wanted to encourage folks to definitely try for these.

  2. I really enjoy stories that take care of Georgiana's story. Looking forward to reading "Loving Miss Darcy"!


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