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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cover Reveal: Steampunk Darcy by Monica Fairview

I know I generally keep my Austen frolics to summertime, but history has shown that I can be persuaded to step out of that sunny box - and a steampunk take on Pride & Prejudice is one of those things that can convince me. This October, Monica Fairview's latest, Steampunk Darcy, will be released, and you can plan on hearing more about it from me then. [And dare I say, a giveaway? ;P]
Until then, of course, you'll have to content yourself with Monica's part in our Janeite conversations, and with her piece on Fanny Price v. Jane Eyre. But before you jet over to those posts, click through to see the spankin' new cover for Steampunk Darcy, and tell me what you think of this upcoming book, and whether it's on your must-have list!

Steampunk Darcy by Monica Fairview
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Expected publication: October 2013 by White Soup Press
William Darcy is obsessed with his ancestors. So much so that he intends to rebuild Pemberley (destroyed during the Uprising) stone by stone, and he wants to employ reconstruction expert Seraphene Grant to help him.

Or does he? Seraphene wasn’t born yesterday. She can smell a rat, particularly when it stinks all the way up to her airship. She knows Darcy is hiding something. But with the Authorities after her and her other options dwindling by the moment, the temptation of genuine English tea and a gorgeous Steampunk gentleman are very difficult to resist.

But what if Darcy’s mystery job courts nothing but trouble? What if Darcy is harboring a secret to kill for? When kiss comes to shove, will Darcy’s secret destroy Seraphene, or will it be her salvation?

Join us on a romantic adventure like no other in this whimsical Pride and Prejudice-inspired tribute, featuring Wickham, Georgiana, dirigibles, funky fish, and swash-buckling pirates.

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  1. I have heard of steampunk but I'm not entirely sure what it is, aside from bearing a passing resemblance to the baddie in the Wild West film that Will Smith did. I would think a P&P inspired one would be a good place to start though. As for the cover, it's very interesting, although I would like the man to be a bit hotter because I am shallow like that, or to put it more Austenly, because a young man ought to be handsome if he possibly can :)

    1. Hahaha! Excellent use of that quote, and I agree completely. =)

    2. I'm shallow that way, too, especially when I can quote Great Writers and look for eye candy at the same time : )

  2. Like Ceri, I'm not entirely sure what steampunk is exactly, but the story sounds fun!

  3. This sounds exciting. Yay for Steampunk Darcy.

  4. This sounds exciting. Yay for Steampunk Darcy.

  5. Ceri & MaryKate:
    Steampunk is a term that varies wildly on definition, depending on who you ask, but it's generally: Victorian England (and Known World during that era) with somewhat advanced technology. Not necessarily advanced down the path that it eventually advanced down, but advanced with the same sensibilities of Victorian-age culture (methods of transport and entertainment and Empire-building being paramount). Thus, you might have a steam-powered or clockwork pennyfarthing.

    For the sake of interesting storytelling, it usually involves a more feminist approach (women might still be regarded as the gentler sex, but allowed more freedoms outside of the home than happened in history). There's also a heavy dose of the absurd and impractical, and charming, and a romantic approach to marriage and courtship (with a bit more modern sensibilities about the two than is historically accurate).

    There can also be magic, or a magic/science hybrid, and often intrigue or anti-establishment elements. The term is a play on the term cyberpunk, which looks forward in history (not backward) and is often dystopian in nature.

    With this one, I'm curious...is this P&P's Darcy, or a descendent of his?

    1. Thanks Beth, that's helpful!

    2. Thank you all for your comments. I'm glad the cover tickled your fancies.

      Wow, Beth W, what a great definition of Steampunk in so few words!! I think you went straight to the clockwork heart of it.
      William Darcy is Darcy's descendent.

  6. I just recently started reading Steampunk romances so I am captivated by a P&P version. Cover looks great and the story sounds good. Can't wait!


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