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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Austen in August Twitter Chat Invite & Info

You guys know me. I'm constantly wanting to try something new for Austen in August. As if I didn't have enough to do, I'm always looking for the next best thing, the next potentially-awesome bit of fun to bring to you, my fellow Janeites.
Sometimes they fail.
But sometimes, like the super fun conversations we have in place of staid old interviews, they turn out better than I could have hoped, and best of all, they get you talking. (This excites me, as it's the whole reason I blog/vlog - book discussions are my happy place!)
Yes, I did superimpose Jane Austen's head onto Snow White's body. MY WORLDS ARE COLLIDING.
So, in the tradition of things that may be an Epic Win or an Epic Fail [see what I did there? ;)], I'd like to have a couple of Twitter Chats for this year's AIA. I've been darkly hinting at them all over the place, but I was unsure, 'cause who ever knows if these things will turn out at all. I may end up just talking to myself. But you know what? Wouldn't be the first time. And I'm okay with that.
So if you're on twitter, I'd love for you to join in. There will be two chats, both on Wednesdays at 8pm EST. I realize this is late for some of you; with all of us Janeites scattered around the world, it's near impossible to make it work for everyone - please feel free to participate at your own pace. I will check back frequently and retweet/respond, etc!
  • The first (tomorrow night!) will be a general chat, probably discussing reactions to Mansfield Park so far, but also just gushing about Jane, asking/answering silly questions, etc.
  • The second, on August 28th, will be a movie-viewing party/chat session. We'll (or at least, I'll) be watching the 2007 version of Mansfield Park, and I'm sure at least one of you will trashtalk Billie Piper's eyebrows.
  • To join in either of these chats, you just show up, follow the #AIATwitChat hashtag, and get to tweeting, retweeting and responding!
I seriously, seriously hope you guys will come join me in bringing some Austen to Twitter, but if you don't, it's ok - I've often said I could make conversation with a wall, so the whole of the internets should be no problem... 

Click the pic to be taken to the Austen in August Main Page! Thanks to faestock & inadesign for the images used to create this button.


  1. I have a feeling that it'll be too late for me (I'm in the UK) but I am happy to diss the eyebrows in advance :)

    1. I wanted to do it on the weekend, and a little earlier, but my work schedule is so inconsistent, but I always have Wednesday evenings off, so I knew that would work. But you should TOTALLY join in when you can, even if it's the next day. And feel free to give some preemptive #AIATwitChat tweets with your thoughts on THE BROWS, and I'll retweet/work them into the conversation. =D

  2. Eh. That would be 2 am in central Europe... I might find it difficult to attend :(

    1. I know. And if I do it earlier, people here in the States will be at work - including me! lol
      But you should still join in when you're able, even if it's the next day, and I'll still respond/retweet and keep the convo going!

  3. Yeah, I'm in France, but I'll probably just watch the movie in advance and maybe post some tweets in the morning? Since you said you'll still reply to people? ;)

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