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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Vlog: Beyond Jane Austen (for Beginners)

A lot of people were asking for a recommendation video similar to the genre-pushing video I did for fairy tales, so: ask and you shall receive!
Please remember: there are tons (and tons) of Austenesque stories out there - some are awful, some are excellent; some are smutty and some clean; some you need to have read Austen to understand, and some are fine for everybody - but there really is something for everybody!
Here are some of the ones I have read or know enough about to discuss. And as these are all from my collection, rather than relist each, I'll just recommend you check out this post/vlog if you want to know more or need a title/links!

Now it's up to you, my Janeites! What should fledgling Janeites and full-on obsessives pick up? Leave your recommendations in the comments! =D


  1. This was so incredibly well done, Misty!!! Brava! There really is something for everyone, isn't there? I'm very fond of the ones that focus on minor characters or tell the story from someone else's point-of-view.

  2. I enjoyed your vlog. I realized as I watched you that I must be more of an intermediate reader. I know I'm not hard-core because I don't devour the non-fiction analysis stuff, but I have read all those you mentioned so I figure that makes me intermediate. As to what I would add, Mary Lydon Simonsen's are favs. She writes a variety of Austen related books and my favorite Austen mysteries are by Stephanie Barron's series. I love those annotated versions of the original novels for my re-reads because they give so many facts and details that I didn't notice on first telling. I could keep going, but I'll stop.

  3. Thanks for this! I was familiar with some of those titles, but once again (just like during FTF) you have added a pile of books onto my library list.

  4. *gasp* Not everyone knows Jane Austen?! Travesty! Love these videos... I picked up some great fairy tale ones courtesy of your Fairytale Fortnight vlog!

    I've read just under 100 "beyond" Austen books, and you pretty much hit on all my would recommends! I always push Abigail Reynolds whenever I can, love all (but her newest) books!

  5. I enjoyed this video so much (along with the others) - you are my Austen adaptation guru! Can write out the titles mentioned so I can jot all these down? I already have a long list going of recommendations from your 'Austenmania: My Jane Austen Collection' blog. So much Austen, so little time...

    1. There's a link in the post that has all of them, and then some, but here it is again:


    2. Sorry, only 1/2 of your comment registered in my brain, apparently. They're all books from my shelves, so you'll already have them if you have the list from Austenmania. =D

  6. My favorites are by Linda Wells. She also does "what ifs". Her Regency ones are my favorites, but she has written a modern sort of fairy-tale version of P&P, and is currently writing a WWII adaptation. Her Regency titles are: Chance Encounters, Fate & Consequences, Memory (volumes 1,2, and 3), and Imperative. Her writing style is excellent and full of detail. Her books are definitely MA only.


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