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Thursday, August 29, 2013

For Future Jane: the wishlist...

There are a lot of amazing Austenesque books covered in AIA every year, but even so, they barely scratch the surface. There are always new adaptations coming out, or older ones to discover, and the wishlist inevitably gets longer and longer... (Not that my Jane shelf can really hold more, mind you. But like the TARDIS, it must be bigger on the inside, 'cause I will make them fit.)
Here's a look at some of the Janeite books on my wishlist, and ones I hope to cover in a future Jane-binge...

Why: I really meant to request this one so I could review it for you guys this year, as it comes out this fall. But I'm a hardcore procrastinator, so... Anyway, this is a look at Pride & Prejudice behind the scenes, so to speak. It follows the servants of Longbourn through all of the ups and downs and little dramas of the family they serve. I love the idea of getting to go below-stairs in a world Austen has created (who doesn't love a little upstairs/downstairs drama?), and the idea of getting another picture of Austen's genteel world... basically, I'm not only sold, I'm wondering why this is just now a thing I can get my hands on.

Why: Epic Fail was so freaking cute, and just one of those books that you crave every so often: fun, flirty, super quick; it just hits the spot! So I'm definitely curious to get LaZebnik's take on Mansfield Park, and see if she can make me like the romance a little more than I generally do...

Why: I kinda can't believe I haven't bought and read this series yet. I'm a bad one for telling myself "Oh, I;ll grab it next time," so I always think I'll get to things eventually. But as seriously funny as Laurie is in her interviews, a humor that's carried over to her "Sex and the Austen Girl" web series, I feel pretty confident this is one that needs to find a home on my shelves already... I need to get on that!

Why: Sometimes I want to get lost for just a little bit - I love a good short story, so stories that are influenced by Austen's life, rather than just her characters, definitely intrigues me. 

Why: I mentioned in the very last Janeite conversation post for this year (which goes up tomorrow, so...sneak peek at the topic, I guess!) that one of the things that's never sat well with me is the marriage of Marianne and Col. Brandon. It's always felt like settling on both their parts, and as much as I like both of them and the idea of them together - they complement each other well, after all - once I'm out of the story and the headiness of the romance, I can't help but feel both will end up dissatisfied. Willoughby returning onto the scene and bringing that to the fore is something I could actually see happening, so it's a story I'm curious to read.

Why: I'll be honest, I've heard a lot of mixed things about this one, and I think that's in large part due to the sexytimes in this book. But I'm very curious to see how well Darcy and Lizzie translate to a modern rock setting, and I've heard enough really good things that it earns a spot on my wishlist.

Why: This one actually earned a spot on my list when it came out a few years ago, and is another one I can't believe I haven't picked up yet. I'm very curious to see P&P in the "new world;" the idea of a Wild West-y, Frontiersman Darcy has me reaching for my fan and smelling salts... Also, I don't think I've read a retelling written by a man yet, so... bonus points!

Why: Though it was released a year and a half ago, I just came across this one, and I am intrigued. I can totally see Darcy with a little bit of an OCD problem - I would not be so fastidious as you for a kingdom, indeed... - and it's an idea that I think would help translate Darcy to a modern audience in a really interesting way.  Definitely curious to see how this plays out.

Pirates & Prejudice: Get ItAdd It
Steampunk Darcy: Get ItAdd It
Why: I mean... pirates and steampunk? I hadn't heard of these two until I got the opportunity to share them with you this AIA, but both are things that needed to happen, and they need to happen their way right onto my bookshelf, stat... ;)

... basically all the things, from Abigail Reynolds
Get ItAdd It
Why: Third time's a charm. I've liked all 3 of the books I've read by Reynolds - and in fact, have read all of them more than once - so that's a sign, to me, that I just need to get all the things.

And I'm sure there are roughly one million more that I just have to have - or will, as soon as I find out about them... Got any good ones I need to know about? Or any you simply must have that you discovered during AIA?
What's on your Austen-y wishlist?

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  1. Les Groans! I have a huge-i-normous Austenesque wish list that I blame entirely on all the wonderful blogs I read. I also have a fairly large TBR pile that needs some attention. I am determined to reduce that TBR pile down, but all the new finds are such a huge temptation. As to books that I'm seeing on AIA, its about 50/50 between read and unread. I love getting a gander at the cover reveals here.

  2. Great list! I don't think you will be disappointed with any of these!

  3. I really want Longbourn. And Steampunk Darcy, of course :)

  4. I'd really like to read Longbourn too. I've read a few on this list. Loved Compulsively Mr Darcy (my favourite Mary in an updated version here) and Fitzwilliam Darcy; Rock Star (I wrote 'frock star' then, I'm guessing that would be a different type of book, LOL). Pirates and Prejudice is such fun, I'd recommend that one too. I've also read Dancing with Mr Darcy and I was a bit 'meh' about it to be honest. A definite yes to the Abigail Reynolds books, she is my favourite author in this genre.

    I have many unread Austenesques on my kindle and a wishlist of 402 of them on Amazon (yes, there ARE that many around!) ranging from the ones I'd really like to read to the ones I have doubts about and would only pick up if they were free.

    The top few I'd like to read are Mr Darcy's Guide to Courtship by Emily Brand and Pride and Popularity or Persuaded by Jenni James, as they all look fun. I'd also like to try the Fair Prospect books by Cassandra Grafton, and the Pamela Aidan books, as these all have really good reviews. And the only Pemberley variation by Abigail Reynolds that I haven't read, Mr Darcy's Undoing.

    1. You have NO IDEA how hard I just laughed at "frock star"... Oh my god, I'm dying over here.
      Pride and Popularity was very cute and wholesome, I reviewed it last year. Haven't read Persuaded, though I'm looking forward to that one. I really need to read some Pamela Aiden, since everyone thinks so highly of her.

    2. As one Jane addict to another I *need* to see your list of 402! Mine on Goodreads is only 172 long!

    3. Seconded! The list, the list!

    4. Well I put the list on goodreads and somehow it's bigger than I thought. The 402 was a kindle wishlist I have on amazon but it included other stuff, and when I added stuff from a real book wishlist and the stuff I have bought but is unread the list really is very big. I am guessing many of these books aren't great and I'm not planning on reading them all, but adding them to a wishlist is an easy way to keep an eye on the price:

      and here is a much shorter shelf of those I have read:

  5. Some of these are on my list, too, particularly Longbourn. I really liked Pemberley Ranch!

  6. My wish list is already so long, but all of these will probably be going on it as well!

  7. Well, Longbourne and Pemberly Ranch certainly are, now!

  8. I'm not sure if I love you or hate you for making my JAFF to-read list even longer... at least ebooks don't take up any physical space!

    I've read a few on your list here (I was one reader that did not like Fitzwillam Darcy Rock Star, but that had nothing to do with the sexytimes) and anything by Reynolds (except her latest) is a top recommendation from me!

    If you like your variations with a darker twists I quite enjoyed An Unpleasant Walk by C. Rafe Carlson, and a lighter sweeter variation I really enjoyed is Falling for Mr. Darcy by KaraLynne Mackrory


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