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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Giveaway: The Regency Ladies Survival Kit

I debated whether I wanted to do another Regency Ladies Survival Kit giveaway this year, because frankly, they're a lot of work. But I love you guys, and I came across a number of duplicate copies on my Jane shelf when I was recording that video, so...seemed meant to be. Plus, even if they are a lot of work, they're also really fun, so... REGENCY LADIES SURVIVAL KIT, it is!

Alright, so: because it was a last minute decision to do this once again, this will be a made to order RLSK. This means that, even though I'm going to show you pictures and tell you about the contents of past kits, this one will be different - fresh handmade goodies, fresh stock of supplies, new ideas and things I want to try, and all that jazz.

SO BASICALLY, the RLSK is my little stockpile of things a proper Regency lady circa, you know, now rather than the actual Regency period, should never be without: a selection of teas and treats, cards and stationery, a Janeite piece of jewelry or two, and of course, some Austenesque books! All stored (except the books) in a handmade book box, painted as your favorite Austen novel.

The box. You can see what mine looks like this picture from the Jane Envy post. Unfortunately, the manufacturer stopped making the wooden book boxes, so now they're sturdy papier mache.  (Winner's choice of an empty (and fillable with all your secrets) 1-compartment box or slotted jewelry box - decorated as a book either way.)
Filled with the things listed above, and whatever else I think of on a passing whim...

The books.
You need something to do while you're enjoying the tea and biscuits, or whatever, right? So alongside my Survival Kit, the winning Regency Lady will win their pick of 2 of the following:

The Deets:
  • Because of shipping costs and fragility of some of the items, this giveaway will be US only, and I really am sorry about that. 
  • Also, because this will be made to order and personalized based on my discussions with the winner, this may well take its sweet time to get to the winner. Like, maybe it'll be an early Christmas present, I dunno. If you're impatient or concerned about that, you may want to skip this one. 
  • Ends September 7th, 12a EST. Fill out the Rafflecopter below to enter.
Please note: As with all Austen in August giveaways, you must fill out the giveaway registration form here in order to enter. This only has to be done once, and then you are free to enter all giveaways. Invalid entries will be deleted. Please do not leave any sensitive info or email addresses in the comments! Thanks!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Thanks to faestock & inadesign for the images used to create this button.


  1. Aww, this is awesome! And a totally fun idea for me to create my very own kit since I'm not in the US and can't take part in this giveaway :P
    You should post photos of the contents in your box!


  2. This is such a neat giveaway! I like to be surprised so whatever you think will go best in the box will be great.

  3. I'd like to see Colin Firth in my box! ;-) If that's not possible, I'll settle for jewelry...

  4. I already like what you've thought of unless it would be something scenty like soap or sachet. This sounds so adorable. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  5. I own it, so it's more of a "hey, maybe this thing", but "What Charles Dickens Ate and Jane Austen Knew" is a lovely historic guide to everyday life elements during the Regency/Georgian period. I certainly wouldn't know how to play whist without it!

    Other thoughts: a hanky, smelling salts, ribbon for a new bonnet, a length of sprigged muslin, The Monk (or other appropriately horrid gothic novel), some lovely tea (perhaps from Bingley's Teas? http://www.bingleysteas.com/jane-austen-tea-series/), and a bit of sewing to do, as that was such a mandatory activity. :)

    1. Those are awesome ideas. I love them!!!

  6. lavender sachet, a hot scot in a kilt (ok thats dreaming)

  7. I think directions to a game played in one of the books would be cool. Also, a cd with music from the time period. A copy of one of the movie adaptations. One of the things that I think would be the best would be to have book marks. I really like the hand painted ones of Jane Austen's books.

  8. I would definitely love to see some tea. Also, I like the idea of a nice handkerchief and some ribbon.

  9. Tea of course and any of the books you have above.

  10. These are all great ideas to include! I really hope to win because I would love to get my hands on those beautiful box and books.

  11. Everything is already so great! Books are always welcome :)

  12. I've been wanting that Jane Austen handbook for a long time!

  13. If you can't fit Mr. Knightley in there (preferably the Jeremy Northam version), then some tea would do the trick. ;)

  14. Tea. I don't like green tea but I do like black tea and oolong. Soap would be good and of course books! I have two of the books pictured, but not the other two.


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