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Friday, August 23, 2013

Photoset: Travels With Jane

The weekend before Austen in August started, I had the chance to go on a little impromptu mini-vacay with my bestie, and since I was in the middle of preparation-craziness (and thus in full Jane Mode), my first thought, of course, was to take some Janeness with me. This meant packing my copy of Among the Janeites and, in a last minute decision, my Jane Austen action figure. I decided that, with Jane so much a part of my life, I might as well really make her a part of my life - and I determined to show her a bit of the world. Because I have the Very Best Bestie, who is fully willing to not only enable my craziness but embrace it and join in, we spent our weekend showing Jane the sights of Pennsylvania, Buffalo and Niagara Falls.
And so, I found myself riding off into the sunset, Jane at my side, as we went on our little adventure - which I documented on Instagram in a series I called "Travels with Jane" - a series I intend to continue, as I go anywhere I think Jane may enjoy... Click through to see the results!

Jane, driving into Pennsylvania. She just had to stand on the Welcome to Pennsylvania sign, even though she took a tumble. But it's okay, Jane is much hardier than Louisa Musgrove - she bounced back just fine...

She seemed to quite like Pennsylvania - though she wasn't so sure about the "Willoughby Hills" place we passed to get there...

Jane's first real adventure was a bold one - standing on the slick railing at Niagara Falls, staring out at the night lights in the mist.

The bestie and I stopped for some late night  Indian food from a foodtruck. We thought Jane would enjoy, too, and as she was no stranger to colonialism, we  figured she'd feel right at home with Indian cuisine.

Jane also liked to get her drink on... She had some at a winery, she had a few more at dinner, and she even brought some home with her... That may be how she ended up in this cop car. 

That was the end of our travels for that weekend, but Jane and I had so much fun gadding about Niagara and various oddbits of NY and PA that I invited her out for a beach day just this past weekend. We both relaxed on the beach, me with my book and she with hers.

She seemed content at the beach, perhaps thinking of Lyme and the romances to be had there.  She was quite taken with the lighthouse and exploring the seaside in general.

I think she quite likes being able to get out and see what the world has become. (She also seems to like the attention she gets, like when she climbed onto the statue of Nikola Tesla, which didn't make it to Instagram, as I didn't want to encourage her antics...)

She has a little conveyance now, which I keep about me for our travels. I think we'll enjoy seeing the world together - though I'll have to keep an eye on that drinking habit of hers...

Let me know what you think of our travels, and tell me where you'd like to see Jane go - and make sure to follow us on Instagram for more #TravelsWithJane!

Click the pic to be taken to the Austen in August Main Page! Thanks to faestock & inadesign for the images used to create this button.


  1. I love this! I'm planning to pick up one of the foldable TARDISes at Heathrow, but now I think I need a Jane doll for some of my pictures as well.

    1. OH MY GOD, I need a portable TARDIS! I do have the christmas ornament one that's behind me on the wall in my vlogs, but it's glass, so I'm afraid that wouldn't be a good one for travel... Foldable would be nice...

      (If you do end up travelling with Jane and instagramming, tag me! =D )

    2. If I can find a doll, I will definitely do it. And I might find a Shakespeare doll in Stratford-Upon-Avon and do little vignettes where Jane and Will are both traveling with the Doctor.

      It's possible I've thought about this too much.

    3. ...Make this happen. You will be my new favorite person.

    4. Since the dolls are too expensive, what about gluing pictures of them to poster board and making little cut-outs? (Yeah, because I really need a craft project when I leave in six days...)


  2. Great idea to take Jane on a trip!


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