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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jane in June II Main Page


Hello, and welcome to the 2nd annual Jane in June (or as I like to call it, Jane in June: 2Fast, 2Furious).  The entire month of June is dedicated to Jane Austen here on the Book Rat, and on this page you'll find the complete schedule as it goes up.

If you followed Jane in June last year, you may recall that it was pretty jam-packed and crazy.  Though I enjoyed that and all the enthusiasm that went into it, this year I am going to try to keep it a little more streamlined and less overwhelming on you (the reader) and me (the mastermind who wonders what she got herself into).  After I get all of the opening day stuff out of the way, I'm going to try to keep it to 3-4 posts per day.  But don't think that means less awesome for you - I've got some great stuff planned!

If you are looking over this intro or the schedule and thinking 'Man, why didn't I get in on this bonnet full of awesome?' don't worry: you are welcome encouraged! to post your own Janeish piece on your blog or vlog and link it up for the rest of us Janeites to see.  And periodically, I will be posting excerpts from some of my favorite things to be linked.

I'd like to take a second to thank all of the awesome people who are participating in this event by writing a guest post, agreeing to be interviewed, participating in the Read Along, sponsoring a giveaway, etc.

Every post will have one of these buttons which is a clickable link. This is also in the sidebar, and will take you back to this main page, where you will find the schedule.  So if you're looking for a specific post, and don't want to wade through everything that's been posted that day, just click one of these buttons and voila!

Now lets get down to business.

Prior to June:
Pride and Prejudice Read Along sign-up
Pride and Prejudice Read Along: Round 1 questions

June 1st: 
June 2nd:
June 3rd:
June 4th:
June 5th:
June 6th:
June 7th:
June 8th:
June 9th:
June 10th:
June 11th:
June 12th:
June 13th:

June 14th:
June 15th:
June 16th:
June 17th:
June 18th:
June 19th:
June 20th:
June 21st:
June 22nd:

June 23rd:
June 24th:
June 25th:
Giveaway Explosion of Janetastic Awesomeness
June 26th:
June 27th:
June 28th:
June 29th:
June 30th:


  1. I hope its okay but I am going to host a P&P giveaway on my own blog to help celebrate this! I love this!!

  2. Looking forward to participating! I think I'll be reading Persuasion instead of P&P, though. I've been wanting to get to that one for awhile now!

  3. "...this bonnet full of awesome"... is awesome! I died!

  4. I, too, am looking forward to being a part of this celebration.

  5. I am taking part in this celebration over at Http://booktalkswithcharla.blogspot.com I am giving away a pre ordered copy of Jane Austen Made me do it by Laurel Ann Nattress!!

  6. wow, this is incredibly amazing. What a challenge...but so exciting at the same time. I so wish I could follow along but I'll be gone for two weeks with no computer.

  7. It'll all still be here when you get back, Suzan!


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