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Friday, June 17, 2011

Ultimate Swoon Off: FINALS

It's been an arduous task, weighing the pros and cons of literature's most famous swoon-worthies - being forced to spend hours looking at the handsome visages and dapper figures of 6 Regency dreamboats (yes, I said dreamboats).   This past week, Tilney dueled Darcy and Knightley dueled Wentworth, and the standings were as follows:
Tilney 4 | Darcy 8
Knightley 3 | Wentworth 9

And its all come down to this; I think we all knew it would: the Ultimate Swoon-Off will be between Fitzwilliam Darcy and Frederick Wentworth.

Now, to this point, I have just let you all go at it and give us your say.  But since this will determine the winner, ie. the SWOONWORTHIEST MAN OF ALL TIME, I'm going to give you some things to take into consideration.
Both characters undergo a transformation. One goes from haughty to heartthrob faster than you can say "Take me, Mr Darcy!"  The other goes from petty and almost cruel to positively peckable in the time it takes to write a letter. 
And speaking of letters...
Both men are pretty damn good letter writers.  Darcy writes a letter that reverses our opinion of him and cements are willingness to fall for him.  Wentworth writes a letter that, well, may just be the most famous letter of passionate swoon in the history of letter writing.
When it comes to declaring themselves... Wentworth does write a damn fine letter, but Darcy lays it all out on the line (twice) face to face.  Something to consider.
And of course, Prospects.  Wentworth has a promising career as  a naval officer (if you like a man in uniform), and Darcy has a bajillion pounds a year (if you like a man who will keep you in diamonds and barouches).
I hope that helps you make your decision.  I will not  be casting a vote unless there is a tie (and god helps us if there's a tie, because I'd sooner cut off my right anything that choose between the two).   Please make your voice heard.  The Ultimate Swoon-Off is only going to happen once, so if you don't weigh in, you won't be in the running to make out with the winner won't have the satisfaction of swooning smugly with the rest of us.


Ladies, open your fans, prepare to swoon and ..... GO!

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  1. I like Wentworth but it's gotta be DARCY for me!

  2. Well, since this is the *ultimate* swoon off...I will have to go with Fitzwilliam Darcy!

  3. Bother, bother, bother, bother. This has to be the purest form of torture. Two of the most swoonworthy guys in all literaturedom and we are supposed to pick between them???
    *Having a split-personality arguement with myself, Wentworth has this, Darcy has that, Wentworth said this, Darcy said that...*
    Sigh, Darcy was played by two of the handsomest actors in Britain and he had the tensest dance scene ever (I love that dance scene) so I will have to go with him. But it was a very, very hard fought battle.

  4. My vote goes to Captain Wentworth. I feel he is the better deal.

  5. Darcy, Darcy, Darcy!!! Sorry Wentworth, I know you waited for her for a long time, but gotta go with Darcy.

  6. Even though you use that young puppy Penry-Jones to represent Wentworth, I take Wentworth EVERY time. And yes, I DO like a man in uniform!

  7. Darcy!!! Of course it can only be him. *swoon*

  8. I know I swore I wasn't going to comment, but...


    (Mmm...sooo pretty. lol )

  9. This one's from Kim:

    It must be Captian Wentworth for me. The letter he writes the declaration "you pierce my soul" makes me swoon--Darcy is just too wordy in his letters. Wentworth says it all!! :)


  10. Cap'n Wentworth. Like Anne I prize "..the frank, the open-hearted, the eager character beyond all others. Warmth and enthusiasm captivate me."

  11. I was going to choose Wentworth anyway, but since you posted a pic of the oh-so-hot Rupert Penry-Jones...it's definitely going to be WENTWORTH!

  12. DARCY!!! I love his ability to proclaim his love for Elizabeth. I want one of my own. Darcy.

  13. I gotta say, I never got past Darcy being an insufferable prick. And I do love a man in uniform--I married one! "You pierce my soul." Swoon and swoon again! We're readers. The best writer should win!


  14. Hahaha, Jen! I was waiting for you to show up... ;)

  15. Darcy! I love how he changes himelf for Elizabeth!


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