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Friday, June 24, 2011


I just wanted to do a quick discussion starter on secrets today.  I was looking over a few of my Janeite books and realized a number of them have to do with secrets, which got me thinking: everyone is hiding something in Austen.

Partly, I'm sure, it's the nature of the period.  And partly, too, it makes for a more interesting read.  But whether it's someone trying to hide the fact that they're in love (Darcy, Elizabeth, Jane, Bingley, Emma, Knightley, Harriet, Fanny, Elinor, Brandon, Catherine, Anne, Wentworth, Jane F, Churchill, this is a rather long list) or they're trying to hide the person they really are and/or the mistakes they've made (Crawfords, Bertram, Wickham, Willoughby, Churchill, Elliot, Thorpe, Ferrars - this one is a rather long list, too, so I'll stop there...)  everyone has their secrets to keep, and occasionally to share (or leak).

There are those who see secrets and intrigue everywhere they look (*cough*Catherine*cough*)
And of course, there are those who claim to abhor secrets (*cough*Marianne*cough*) and declare themselves to the world.

So it got me thinking: what are some of your favorite secrets and things-kept-hidden in Austen?

Is it Darcy's love?
Col Brandon's love-child?
The Elliot's descent into poverty?
Every feeling Elinor ever has?

Do you have any dirty little Austensian secrets (a cat named Darcy, a Regency ball gown in the back of your closet)?

Today, since we've grown so close in our month of Austen, I thought we'd chat secrets.
And then, maybe you can win some...

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  1. You make me laugh, Misty! "Every feeling Elinor has..."

    In general, I love secrets in novels, it makes for some very interesting reading! My favorite Austen secret??? That would have to be Darcy wanting to keep his role in saving Lydia a secret.

    What a great discussion!

  2. I have a regency gown in my closet. And I want to get another one too!
    I always wondered if Captain Wentworth kept his feelings for Anne a secret from his brother Edward and his fellow captains.

  3. I agree this is a good discussion.
    I would have to say Colonel Brandon's love child.

    My deep dark secret: Once upon a time I thought Jane Austen was too wordy. For Shame!!
    But of course now I have seen the errors of my ways. I own all her novels and I'm starting to collect spin-offs. I have changed, truly I have.

  4. My secret (well, not anymore) is that my laptop's name is mrdarcy LOL

  5. Great post! My favorite secret is Darcy's love for Elizabeth. She was just so shocked to learn of it, I loved the moment of discovery. :)

    As for my secrets, well, I did used to have a cat named Mr. Darcy. He was a black-and-white tuxedo tomcat. Plus, I have half a shelf and quite a bit of computer space devoted to novels with the name "Darcy" in the title. :)

  6. Oh, there are so many good secrets in the Austen novels! What about the secret engagement of Jane Fairfax and Frank Churchill in Emma? The first time I discovered that I was like, the dog!

  7. Hmmm my favorite secret is the secret Catherine Morland thinks is lurking in Northange Abbey, which really isn't a secret at all. :)

  8. I think Willoughby's being involved with Col. Brandon's love child was quite a secret.

  9. I do not have a cat named Darcy, but I have a porcelain doll named Elizabeth Bennet. :P

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Secret... Willoughby's.

    My dog's name is Willoughby. When naming him I had to pick something that would be awesome yelling off the back porch. :)

    ...and how about Edward Ferrars and Lucy Steele.

  12. Very beautiful post!!! My secret is when I were a kid I had in my dreams a man like Darcy. I probably I have these dreams and now.

  13. I still can't believe Brandon's lovechild, such juicy secrets. I also like how Jane is so quiet and even though we know she likes Bingley is still feels like a secret

  14. Secrets are kind of at the heart of any good story, especially when there's a romance involved. My favorite Austen secret? Ah... I think I agree with Lieder. Darcy's love for Elizabeth is a great one. The best part about that is there are multiple half-truths and secret sentiments floating around. He's just as clueless about her antipathy as she is about his amour. Toss in the fact that the reader is aware of both and it's an amazingly well-crafted scene.

  15. My favourite secret is Jane Fairfax and Frank Churchill's engagement.

  16. It was a big secret that Wickham tried to elope with Darcy's sister.

  17. I like Colonel Brandon's love child secret. I always think that it makes him more sympathetic, as he seems so utterly remorseful about it.


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