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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

P&P Read Along Round 2 Linky + Round 3 Questions

Hello Janeites, and welcome to Round 3 of the Pride and Prejudice Read-Along. Here is the linky to post your responses to the Round 2 questions/discussions. Round 3 questions are below.
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This linky is for ROUND 2 responses. The linky for Round 3 questions (below) will be posted next Wednesday, giving you the week to respond.

Discussion Qs Chapters 30-42
Remember, these are merely prompts; you can discuss the book however you would like, and ask your own questions if you choose.  :)

  1. Discuss the whole of Lizzie's stay at Hunsford.  There are many great, famous moments in this stay, as well as memorable characters.  Discuss your highlights and low points (if any), your thoughts on characters like Lady Catherine and Col. Fitzwilliam, etc., as well as the new facets we see of the familiar characters.
  2. Discuss Darcy's proposal.  Prompts: What are your feelings on this scene; what do you think of the behavior of both Darcy and Lizzie.  Contrast this to Lizzie's first proposal from Collins.  Is Lizzie's complete surprise believable, especially in light of Charlotte's prolonged insistence that Darcy feels something for Lizzie, and the slight hints Darcy drops prior to the proposal?
  3. Lizzie has to this point turned down two proposals.  Share your thoughts on this from the perspective of the modern woman (presumably) you are, and from the perspective of a Regency gentlewoman.  Consider the reactions of the people in her life, especially Mrs Bennet, if they were to find out.  Also, consider her rejections from the males' perspectives.  Is Darcy (or even Collins) justified in being shocked to be rejected?
  4. Discuss Darcy's infamous letter.  Does/did it change your opinion of Darcy?  Lizzie feels she has acted "despicably" and regrets much of what she said; do you have reservations about any parts of it, things you still think Elizabeth should hold against him?  If you could question him or react to him, what would you say.  Consider writing your own response letter.
  5. In the first response post, we asked ourselves about our opinions of Darcy and Wickham.  Give your opinions of the two now.    Also, reevaluate your opinions of Collins and Bingley, our other 2 "eligible" men.
  6. Chapter 42 ends Volume 2 of the book.  As we did in the first round of discussions, take us through your thoughts of this volume.  If you'd had to read these as originally published, what would your reaction have been to have to stop here and wait for Volume 3?  What are the highlights so far, and what are you expecting to get from the final volume?  (If you've read the book, think back to your first time reading it.)
  7. Freeform: What else would you like to point out about this section?  What are your thoughts on the book so far?  Does it remind you of anything else, do you have weird things you associate with it, etc?

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  1. Guess who's behind on her reading? That would be me, I'm probably going to post Week #2 and Week #3 at the same time...

  2. A day late, but I made it! :)

  3. A little late on two, but it's up and I'm almost caught up on three!

  4. I just realized I'm actually much more behind than I thought. Crap.

  5. Haha! No worries, Jane ain't going NOWHERE! ;p


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