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Friday, May 6, 2011

Jane in June Read Along Info and Sign-up

Pride and Prejudice: (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition)
The voting is over, and Pride and Prejudice just barely managed to snag the win - the only thing surprising in that being the fact that it wasn't the front-runner right from the beginning.  So for our very first Jane in June read along, we will be reading one of the most popular novels of all time, certainly Austen's best-known:
Pride and Prejudice.

The Read Along will be structured like this:
  • Participants can officially sign up from now to May 31st; the first Read Along post will be scheduled for June 1st.
  • Every Wednesday throughout June, there will be a linky to post your participation for that week's segment of the book.  The questions/prompts for the next section will be posted then as well. (The questions and prompts for the first week will be posted 1 week before, on May 25th).
  • Participants are welcome to answer the questions/prompts or go completely free-form, and participate in whatever format they're comfortable with (so vloggers welcome!  I myself will likely vlog for mine).
  • Whether you're officially participating or not, I would love for people to be active and start discussions.  If you have questions of your own, or things you want to discuss about the book, include them in your posts and then communicate with other participants.  As Linda Richman would say, Tawk amongst yahselves!
  • Don't have a copy of your own?  Don't worry!  There are a number of places you can read or download it for free, like Project Gutenberg or The Republic of Pemberley!
  • A new linky will be posted each Wednesday for you to post your thoughts on the chapters for that week.  The linky below is for sign-up only.
Discussion Dates:
June 1st: First impressions + Chapters 1-17 [Questions here]
June 8th: Chapters 18-29 [Questions here]
June 15th: Chapters 30-42 [Questions here]
June 22nd: Chapters 43-51 [Questions here]
June 29th: Chapters 52-61 + Final thoughts

To sign up, make a brief post/vlog about the Read Along, letting us know a little bit about you, why you wanted to participate, and whether this is your first time reading Pride and Prejudice/Jane Austen (and anything else you want us to know), and then link it below; then make sure to stop back by every Wednesday throughout June to link up your thoughts on that week's section, and pick up the group questions for the next week.  Feel free to snag the button, too!

Don't just link your blog name! Make sure to link to a post about the Read Along and you.

Remember, make sure to stop back on May 25th to pick up the first set of discussion questions!
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


  1. Well darn! I was hoping Persuasion would win. We just finished reading Pride and Prejudice for my weekly chat, TuesBookTalk, on Twitter (and Goodreads). Oh well, it was a wonderful book. You all have fun!

  2. Not my favourite Austen book (PERSUASION FTW!) but love it anyway! :D

  3. Just linked up! I was hoping Emma would win but I'm all good with Pride and Prejudice!

  4. O I SO want in. I wonder if I can read this fast though.

  5. I just watched Pride and Prejudice on t.v. and would so love to join this challenge, but I have so many review books. Unless I can pawn them off on everyone else, I can't do this. But I might join the discussions. Have fun!


  6. Never read P&P before, but I did enjoy Little Women after my boyfriend told me I should read it. Looking forward to this, thanks!

  7. Looking forward to the fun!

  8. It's about time I re-read this book! I've linked my post. :)

  9. This is the perfect way to get me to read this!

  10. Signed up too! I'm so excited and I feel like this is a perfect opportunity to read this heart wrenching tale!

  11. Heart-wrenching? I always thought it was kinda hilarious...

  12. P&P my favorite! Thank you so much for putting this event together.

  13. So... Obviously I'm a bit late for this. But I'd still like to participate, even if I can't sign up officially. I really have never liked Jane Austen, but I want to. So I'm trying to get through Pride and Prejudice, and vvb32 reads told me about Jane in June.

  14. You absolutely CAN still sign up, Samantha! You can join in at any point. We'd love to hear what you have to say! :)

  15. Oh awesome, then I will add my link :D I've read six chapters so far and am getting through better than the last time I tried. I think, since I'm an English major in college, I should be able to say I have read at least one Jane Austen book XD

  16. p&p is the best book i am reading this book now i have not read this book in a long time i was just 16yr old now i am 47yr old and i find that this is one of Jane Austen best book of all time..

  17. I just realized I'm actually still a week behind. *headdesk* Oh well. If I can catch up, great, if not, I'll still finish the book and that was my goal all along.

  18. Hey Misty,

    As you know I am a huge fan of Jane Austen. I love any reason to read her books. I am happy to participate with everyone!! I will post a vlog and link it to yours just not sure when you would like me to do so.

  19. Hi! This read along sign up was from last year, actually. I do plan on doing one again this year, but I won't know more until I finalize when I'm going to be doing the event this year - it won't be in June this year, for the first time, because I just can't. Probably August. But you're still welcome to do a vlog, and if you do, send me a link and I'll mention it when I do post about Jane in Whatever, (Austen in August?!), or in the next video in which I talk about Janey goodness.

  20. Hi =] I have never read Pride and Prejudice but I have wanted to for a while This sounds like a good way to do it! I'm new to book blogging its a fun community I think. Oh almost forgot my name is Elizabeth but everyone calls me Liz


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