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Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Face Off: Out with the old....

I've been coming across a lot of books lately that have had complete overhauls in the cover department between the hardcover and paperback releases.  Sometimes I'm torn (does this mean any sequels aren't going to match the original hardback? Are they targeting a new audience?  What if I liked the old cover?), and sometimes I'm all for it (Ooh, shiny!).  Here's one I came across recently that I was really torn on at first.  They are two totally different approaches, and have little - if anything - in common.  On the one hand, I loved the original cover.  On the other, the new one, though bleak, has a lot of visual interest and tells more of a story.  It's intriguing.  I didn't think I really liked it at first, but then, um...I ended up buying it.  So yeah, it grew on me.
What do you guys think?  Do you like the old cover or the new?  If you've read the story, which do you think suits it best, and if you haven't, which makes you want to read it?
Which one did it better?

Last week on FFO: We went a little Hairshow, with The Frenzy, Delicious and Texas Gothic going head to head.  I was a little surprised by the results, as nearly everyone seemed to love my least favorite cover, Delicious.  It was a little funny to me when I was putting the post together because even though all three books use a similar style and very hard to ignore element, and even though they have strong similarities, I really liked two (The Frenzy and Texas Gothic) but really can't stand the cover for Delicious.  It's not much different, and yet something about it... Pass.

Winnah! ---->


  1. Oooh. Tough one!

    I think I like the newer cover better, mostly because it's not 'Girl-face' which seems to be a VERY popular cover choice lately. Not that it's necessarily bad, but... It's nice to have something different and awesome going on.

  2. This is an interesting way.

    To me, the first one says, "Duuuuude" (think turtles from Finding Nemo voice) "This cover is shiny and awesome and makes it look like this is a newer, creepier take on mermaids" where as the new cover says, "Another mermaid story." So the first one.

  3. this is a tie for me. i like the left for the misty-like look of it and i like the right for the positioning of the three gals. makes me wonder why?

  4. Definitely the new cover. The old one has always kind of weirded me out, for some reason. o_O

  5. Definitely the new one. It's intriguing and grabs my attention immediately.

  6. I would go with the new one. The old one kind of creeped me out but still intrigued me but the new one makes me actually want to read it.

  7. I love the new cover! It's so pretty. I like the fact that it has a view of the ocean.

  8. I like the one on the right better - the photo grabs my interest far more and I love the font for the title. It stands out very well.


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