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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So.  Some of you are probably surprised that I didn't immediately sign up for R.A.K.s (Random Acts of Kindess) over on Book Soulmates.  It seems like the type of thing that's right up my alley, right?
Well, you're right.  But there was just so much going on that I was afraid I wouldn't be able to send something to someone, and I just wasn't comfortable signing up and possibly receiving goodies if I couldn't pay it forward, ya know?

Anywhoodles, I am fully ready to start gifting some lovelies, but I thought I'd let people know my take on it.

Book Soulmates

If you're unfamiliar with it, basically the idea is to do random acts of kindness for people, and someone may do a RAK for you.  It's just all heartwarming and nice and stuff.  I don't know how everyone is approaching it, and some people may be doing thank you RAKs for those who send them something (almost like an exchange, where 2 people are sending back and forth to each other, aka not so random but still very nice).

But the whole point of this to me is the random.  That's what makes it fun to me, and that's how I'm going to approach it.  For the first month at least, I fully intend to randomly choose people, eenie meenie style, and hopefully make a random someone's day.  
Oh, and there's also the likelihood that I'll want to send people surprise random stuff that's not on their wishlist, so...
So just - fair warning.  I'm going to be a loose cannon with this.

And if you're curious, you can check out the sign up for May here, or the wishlists list here (I'm #242!  If you don't want to scroll down to me, here's my wishlist on GR).


  1. It's my first month doing this as well.
    I sent out my RAK to another blogger already and I had SO much fun!


  2. I really like it! I've ben participating for three months now and I send out two books per month since it's all I can offer. but it's really nice!

  3. I started last month - and sent a book to one person and received one from my BFF as a surprise. ;)

    I hope to be able to send one book per month to a random person from their wishlist.

    And I love your idea of sending a random book to a random person... it'll be fun to see what people get and if they find new genres they may have missed. HAVE FUN!


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