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Friday, May 6, 2011

PiRat: The Captain Jack Sparrow Handbook by Jason Heller

Every Friday throughout May, The Book Rat will be forcibly taken over by the PiRat, most dread rodent to appear on the high seas since Reepicheep.
Capt. PiRat will be sharing with us his take on some swashbuckling tales - because what's a rat to do in all that downtime when he's not marauding?  Read, of course...
(and drink rum. but that's a given.)

The Captain Jack Sparrow Handbook 
Jason Heller

from Goodreads:
He’s the most popular pirate in motion picture history—and now The Captain Jack Sparrow Handbook offers his fans an insider’s guide to all the dirty tricks of the buccaneer’s trade! Complete with step-by-step instructions, helpful diagrams, and full-color photography from the Pirates of the Caribbean films, this nautical treasure trove arrrrrrrrrrrticulates such vital and colorful information as:
• How to Sail a Ship
• How to Survive Being Marooned
• How to Break a Curse
• How to Fight Six Angry Men in a Tavern
• How to Recruit a Crew
• How to Cope with Mermaids
• And much, much more!

Arriving just in time for Captain Jack’s long-awaited return in the blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, this fiendishly adventurous handbook is essential reading for pirate lovers, Johnny Depp fans, and all-around rogues and rapscallions of all ages.

The Book Rat says: 
This was a pretty fun book, mixing real pirate lore and superstition with elements from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, in a how-to style.  There are the things every pirate should know, like how to climb rigging or properly insult someone ("feculent maggot" being my personal favorite, followed closely by "salty wench").  
There are also the less expected tips on things like How to Disguise Your Gender* or How to Cope with Mermaids.

There are pictures and illustrations interspersed throughout the text, ranging from movie stills to instructional diagrams to amusing illustrations.
like this ------->

All told, I think this would make a great gift for boys (especially those who are reluctant readers) and for pirate aficiandos; it would also make for a fun quirky coffee table book, and certainly come in handy on International Talk Like a Pirate Day.  There's enough real history mixed in with quirky pirate lore to entertain most pirate fans, and the design of the book is rather nice and user-friendly, too.  

*as anyone who's seen my latest IMM would expect, I quite liked that section.  Female pirates in disguise = awesomesauce.

Final say from Capt. PiRat:
Avast! Here be a strange log indeed.  This "Jason Heller" be one scurvy dog, methinks, to whisper pirate secrets so.  
Mayhap he didn't sign the articles, or mayhap he forgot dead men tell no tales... 
Not to mention, the bilge-rat seems to 'ave left one very important piRATe off of his list o' the greatest pirates!
Don't be foolin' yerself that readin' o' this book'll make ye a pirate -
Pirates be born, not made...

[But I do be wantin' t' take another look o'er the chapter on findin' the Fountain o' Youth, truth be told...]


Get your fill o' pirate booty o'er at vvb32 reads all month long, and make sure to stop back by next Friday for more PiRat Reads.
Treasure map for next week: 


  1. i feel the same about female pirates in disguise ;-D

  2. There's very little in life that I love more than I love pirates...this book is going on my 'must own' list...

    And I've always wanted to be called a salty and/or saucy wench. Good thing The Man complies. :D

  3. I just wrote a mini-review on The Fiddler's Gun and I'm sure this is a book you'll LOVE, Misty! (female pirates in disguise ;))

  4. I am sooo putting this one on my wish list. I especially want to read those articles on breaking a curse and dealing with mermaids!

  5. The Fiddler's Gun, eh? I'll have to look into it; thanks, Giada!

  6. I totally love pirates. Doesn't everyone have a pirate costume in their closet? This book sounds so cute and I have a ton of people I can give it to!

  7. I suppose some would consider me a salty wench... LOL... Love it!

  8. haha this sounds awesome! And I agree it would be great for the reluctant boy readers in a classroom!


  9. Haha! My dad totally celebrates International Talk Like a Pirate Day! He's a college professor and he most definitely spends the day teaching his classes like a pirate. :P

    This book looks like a lot of fun! Who doesn't love pirates?!

  10. I love Jack Sparrow, I mean Captain Jack Sparrow, lol. This book looks AWESOME!!

  11. how cute are those illustrations! this book looks awesome!!

  12. This book sounds incredibly funny for a pirate book but then Captain Jack Sparrow is quite a character. I would love to read this! Thanks!


  13. Sounds like a uber-interesting book!

  14. There is a way to change your FB language to pirate talk.. could only handle it a couple days :)

  15. This sounds great! Definitely something to add to my list of books to buy :)

  16. The Captain Jack Sparrow is the craziest character. Book sounds great and funny.

  17. What a great illustration! Genious!LOL

  18. Captain Jack Sparrow!!! *squeeel*
    the 21st century pirate hottie! Hahaha! :P
    This book looks so fun!!:D
    I want to read too! Thanks for the heads up!!


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