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Friday, May 13, 2011

"Watch out for bridges and hop-ons; you're going to get some hop-ons..."

I was on Twitter earlier today trying to justify my spending spree (books!  shoes!) when I came across the hastag #readathon3.  It seems that Midnyte Reader, Basically Amazing Ashley and Savvy (Books with Bite) got together and decided to do a self-imposed readathon.

Now, I am REALLY in need to a readathon of epic proportions, as I have a ton of Jane in June books to read, as well as the rest of my PiRat Friday reads, various review books, and just plain fun stuff.  But I have to work this weekend (and I spent today shopping...), so any readathoning I do can't quite be epic - which is what I enjoy about the Self-Imposed Readathon the girls are doing.  Basically, there are no set rules or times, or a book count to meet.  It's just a chance to do some hardcore* reading and get those TBR piles in line.

*Watch out for reading related injuries. And RTDs (Reading Trasmitted Diseases.  Most notable symptoms: ennui and PABD.)

So even though I can't get as much reading done as I'd like to, I decided that I'm totally going to hop on to their stair car band wagon and at least try to knock out some of the books in my stack:

So as you can see, I've got a mix of books.  1 is for fun (Supernaturally.  I really probably shouldn't have started it yet, with all I have to do, but come on!  I had to), and a bunch are for Jane in June (P&P graphic novel, PPZ graphic novel, Mr Darcy Goes Overboard); 1 is a PiRat book (Dust of 100 Dogs) and 1 is for an upcoming blog tour (Sleeping Beauty, Vampire Slayer).  The last 2 (Bone, Spice & Wolf) are graphic novels, just to get them done and, yeah, make my read count for the readathon seem like I actually achieved something.  I may not get to them, but it would be lovely if I did.

My goal is to have as much of this stack read by Monday morning as I can.  And then, Wednesday - Friday will probably be a #blogathon...  :D

Wish me luck!


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