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Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Face Off: The Frenzy v Delicious v Texas Gothic

So, lets dig right in, shall we?  These are 3 covers I've come across that made me stop and look at them for sheer wtf? factor, and when I saw Delicious (the last of the 3 I'd come across) I had to wonder if this was a trend that was here to stay.  I mean, hair-obscured faces aren't all that new for book covers, but it's normally done in a more natural, wind-blown way. These three take a much more unnatural approach.  But as I was putting the post together, I realized something else they had in common: they're all redheads.  I'm not sure what to take from that odd fact, but there you have it.
Now, each book, even though they use a similar style and color, gives a very different feel.  Which does it for you (or do you hate this trend)?  Which makes you want to read the book, or at least look closer at the cover?
Which one does it better?

Last week on FFO: The Girl with the Mermaid Hair, Girl Wonder and Future Imperfect went superman-ice-cream-colored head to superman-ice-cream-colored head, with Girl Wonder just barely taking the win over Mermaid Hair - Future Imperfect, btw, had an imperfect showing, to say the least: it didn't even get 1 vote.
Winnah ------------>

Do you have a suggestion for a future Friday Face Off?  Leave it in the comments or email me!


  1. I love this feature! It's very interesting, and I like seeing the similarities and trends in current books.

    Anyway, my pick is the Delicious cover. It focuses more on her eyes and shows both eyes, instead of one. Even though there is hair in the picture, it is secondary to her eyes, which makes it more appealing to me. :)

  2. I like the Delicious cover best. Mostly because it makes the hair-across-the-face thing intentional, as opposed to awkward and strange.

  3. +JMJ+

    Delicious!!! =D

    All the models have great hair, but the one in Delicious has the best eyes. A winning combination!

  4. I prefer the last cover. Her expression won. :D

  5. I love how you find all these covers! FABULOUS! I like Delicious the most!


    XOXO Angela's Anxious Life

  6. I'd have to say The Frenzy, because I love how the green eye and the green font pop.

  7. texas gothic!

    delicious has funny googly eyes.

  8. LOVED this one! Definitely Delicious! But they all have their own beauty... :)

  9. I think I prefer the Texas Gothic one -- it looks more like an actual photograph, which makes it more haunting, I think.


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