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Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Face Off: The Thirteenth Chime v. The Fallen Star

Eyeballs are not all that uncommon on covers; in fact we've had them on FFO before.  But these are two of the more recent - and more interesting takes - on the eyeball cover.  And despite the differences in the treatment of the eyeball in question, the covers are actually pretty similar, right down to the super-pale background.  So I'm curious - what do you guys think of this trend?  Does it catch your eye [haha] at the bookstore or library?  Or does it creep you out?  And of course, for these two,
which did it better? 

Last ^two^ weeks on FFO:  The last Face Off of Fairy Tale Fortnight was between modern and traditional retellings, and traditional retellings just barely eked out a win.  But really, with fairy tales, everyone's a winner!*
Before Fairy Tale Fortnight, we had a face off between Hourglass & Impossible, and Impossible won for its mix of beauty and strangeness.  And though not everyone is a winner on this one, you can be - there are a few days left to enter to win Impossible here!

*Statement does not apply to the following: Wicked Stepmothers, Evil Queens, Big Bad Wolves and other Big Bad creatures, Rumpelstiltskin, people who live in or eat gingerbread houses, giants up to and including those who live atop beanstalks, trolls, and all manner of sorcerers and wizards. Winning is based solely on the satisfaction of having read a good book or told a good tale 'round the campfire; monetary value not to exceed 1/100th of a cent and a pair of glass slippers.  Mgmt is not responsible for cracked slippers, and repair costs are the sole responsibility of the wearer.  Slippers may or may not be delivered by a charming Prince [not to be confused with this guy], but the Prince is a bit of a dolt and easily distracted by shiny things.


  1. 13th Chime, most definitely! I don't like the whiteness/pinkness of the other one... My sister saw it and made a good point - "Why does she have pink eye?" lol!

    The green in "13th chime" is gorgeous, and I love the shadows and dark lashes. Definitely the winner, I'd say. ;)
    Oh, and just so you know, these are some of my favorite posts in the blogosphere. :D

  2. Haha! Thanks! Way I see it, everybody likes a good throwdown. :)

  3. The Thirteenth Chime does it just right. Its bold and unique font and placing really brings an oomph to that eye. Perhaps the author font at the bottom seems a tad out of place, I really like the cover. :)

    The Fallen Star looks good in its own right, but it pales in comparison.

  4. +JMJ+

    They're both freaky! =S

    I guess I'll settle with The Thirteenth Chime because green eyes are more "normal."

    (Did you know that lots of covers of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four have a similar eye motif? I did, and I think that's why I'm so freaked by these.)

  5. Thirteenth Chime wins it for me. The colors are much more appealing. The cover for Fallen star looks extremely washed out. While the eye is a nice purple, the overall cover looks monotone.

  6. The Thirteenth Chime, for sure! The colors are more bold, and there is more contrast. That appeals to me more than the washed out or faded look of Fallen Star.

  7. The first one! It's way better than The fallen star. ;)

  8. I like The Thirteenth Chime better. It's a more interesting cover, and I LOVE that there is a clock in the eye.

  9. The Thirteenth Chime is way more awesome! The vibrant green totally owns that washed out lilacy purple.

  10. I definitely prefer The Thirteenth Chime -- the green really pops against the alabaster skin (sorry, I just wanted to say alabaster heh). The pale purple is kind of washed out on the Fallen Star cover.


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