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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pride & Prejudice Read-along Questions: Round 1

Want to join the Read-Along?  Sign up here!

Here is the 1st round of questions and discussion ideas for the Jane in June P&P read-along.  As a participant, you're not locked in to answering these questions.  You can answer them, use them as a jumping off point or ignore them completely and just share your thoughts on Chapters 1-17 of the book - whatever you're comfortable with.

New questions will be posted every Wednesday, with a linky to your answers from the previous week.  You can post your response (on your blog, youtube, wherever) at any point during the week (Wednesday to Wednesday), and then just stop by and link it when the linky goes live.
Since this is the first set of questions, there is no linky this week.  You can post your responses to this set on the linky on Wednesday, June 1st.

Round One: First Impressions + Chapters 1-17

  1.  Tell us a little about your experiences with Jane: is this your first time reading Pride and Prejudice/Austen?  If so, what were you expecting going in? If this is not your first Jane, what makes you want to read this again?
  2. Share your first impressions of the book so far.  What have the highlights been for you?  Any favorite parts so far?  Least favorite parts?  Things you found confusing?
  3. Jane Austen is known for her memorable characters.  What do you think so far of the characterization?  Do any stand out to you?  If this is a reread for you, do you notice new things in the characters with each reread?  Do your favorite characters change with each reread?
  4. What do you make of the principle characters so far?  Do you relate to any particular one?
  5. Discuss the eligible men of P&P: Impressions of Mr Bingley, Mr Darcy, Mr Wickham and Mr Collins.
  6. Discuss the Bennet girls stay at Netherfield: What do you make of Mrs Bennet sending Jane to Netherfield in bad weather?  Of Lizzie's visit to her sick sister, and the interactions with the members of the Netherfield household, as well as their reactions to her?  Of the visit as a whole?
  7. Discuss Wickham's revelation of Darcy's character:  Judging solely on the text so far (not what you know of the story) do you believe the things Wickham tells Lizzie?  What impressions do you have of Wickham, Lizzie and Darcy after this?
  8. Dicuss the humor in the book so far:  there are a lot of different types of humor on display throughout the book, from Mr Bennet's dry indifference, Lizzie's witty banter, Mr Collins ridiculousness, etc. Discuss, discuss!
  9. Freeform: Discuss whatever the hell you want!  Ask questions, give your opinions, engage your readers - go crazy. :)
Make sure to stop by next Wednesday to link up your responses.  If you want to be a part of the Read-Along, sign up here.
If you have questions you'd like to see asked for the rest of the book, feel free to email me.

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