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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

CLOSED Giveaway: Ladies of Pride and Prejudice set from Antique Fashionista

We've come to our second-to-last giveaway from Antique Fashionista, and it's one I've noticed crop up quite a few times in answer to the question "What's your favorite item from the Antique Fashionista shop?"
The Ladies of Pride and Prejudice!

When it comes to the P&P sets, I'm hard-pressed to say whether I like this one or the Bad Girls set that includes Lydia.  But I think I'm going to have to go with this one. It's just so absolutely lovely!

And I know many of you agree.  That's why I'm so pleased that you can win this set!
Simply fill out the form below.
Ends June 30th

+1 for telling me your favorite piece from the shop OR for telling me which scene/character you would like to see on a bookmark or card.

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  1. My favorite item is Jane Eyre Bookmark (wherever you are is my home. Absolutely lovely! :)

  2. There is a tie for my favorite item from the shop between the Mr. Darcy and Lizzy Get Lost card and the Jane Austen Card Set.

  3. Frankly, they are all cute, but I really love the Bad Girls of Jane Austen Bookmark Trio!

  4. I love the Mr.Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet Bookmark Set!

  5. I stopped by your blog today and have never seen these before. Thanks for posting this.

  6. I just love all the bookmarks, but the Persuasion ones are my fave.

  7. I'm torn between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet Card & the Bad Girls cards.

  8. I would like to see the scene of Lizzy playing the piano at Rosings when Darcy is standing by watching/listening.

  9. That is so hard to decide..... I really love Jane Eyre in the Frame - - it would be perfect on my bookcase next to my Victorian collection :)

  10. I love all of them really, but my favourites now have to be either the Jane Eyre Bookmark or the other Jane Eyre 'Wherever you are is my home' bookmark. Both are lovely ;)

  11. i love everything there. if i had to pick it would be the bad girl bookmark trio

  12. thank you for posting your bookmark giveaway!!
    it's so hard to choose which item from your shop is my favorite.......i would say all of the bookmarks, as that is a recent item i've been collecting!!!!


  13. This is so lovely! I like all of them but especially the Darcy and Lizzy ones. I'd love to see more P&P characters as well- maybe a Handsome Gentleman collection with Darcy, Bingley, Wickham (ok, he's not so gentlemanly) and Colonel Fitzwilliam. :) Or the heroes and/or bad boys from all the novels.

  14. I love them all, but especially the Persuasion ones. :)
    If I were picking a scene to turn into a bookmark, it would be the dance that Lizzie inadvertantly agreed to. I love that scene!

  15. I think the Netherfield Park Ball calls for some beautiful illustrations. All those gorgeous gowns.


  16. My favorite item is: Jane Eyre Bookmark (wherever you are is my home)
    I would like to see quotes of Jane Austen books in bookmarks or cards.

  17. You know that quiz that we all have taken? You know, what Jane Austen heroine would you be? Well, I always get Marianne Dashwood (who I love) so I would love to have a bookmark with her on it!

    Thanks for the giveaway!


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